Some Goodies for sale, recent price drop [US]

I’m selling parts from my electric skateboard. Been sinking too much money into the hobby and need to cut expenses in the fun time department. I included a few pictures and can take more if you need close ups or other angles. I’m flexible on prices for everything within reason. Just trying to cover some bills. I’m located in Houston, TX and prefer to ship to US only.

6355 bent motor = $40 shipped 6355 good one = $50 shipped Marcmt88 mounts = $100 shipped 15T motor + 38T wheel (15MM) = $30 shipped 2 TB VSEC = $125 shipped Remote with receiver = $30 shipped (Unsure which one but it’s in my pictures)

Battery, wheels, and trucks have been sold. All other parts available as of 11/11/18.

One of the motors is bent, not sure if its an easy fix but the casing is bent so that it rubs and recently stopped spinning freely. The other motor is only cosmetic damage. I have 2 or 3 sets of belts all in good shape, 320MM and 340MM length (15MM belt). Have the enclosure for VSEC as well.

Whole board 37

Motor with bent casing 03



How much you asking for the 10s2 battery And remote? shipping to 97401 Come with charger?

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Pm about motor mounts

how much for the set of 218s? (to 2156 Sydney Australia)

Also curious about a price for the trucks to Riverside, California

Do you need the enclosure to go with the battery? It will have the charger. I would go $95 with shipping included. The remote, I would go for $30, if I toss it in the same box I may have to charge a little more for shipping since I’ll need to use a bigger box to ship it. Post Office is the cheapest I’ve seen so far.

I would say $40 for the set. Shipping, I’ll have to get back to you on that, I don’t have a box that would fit it so I’m not sure the exact cost. If I can fit it in the small flat rate box, then probably just $45 with shipping included.

I’m not too sure as far as international shipping goes. I tried to see what Fedex would charge and I’m sure I did it wrong as it quoted something crazy like $130. If you know a way to ship them, I could try it. I’m aiming for US only as I heard it can be a pain to ship outside the US. The trucks though, I’ll probably go for $40.

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Ill pass. Thanks for replying. GLWS

Mmm that’s tempting. One of mine is bent and I’ve been looking for some used ones. Let me know what the shipping will be

Interested in trucks mountain and pulleys

How much just for the battery itself. I don’t need the charger or the case. Shipping to 94546 area.


Just the battery, I would say $60 or $67 with shipping included.

I will take $60 shipped . Its. Meepo v1.5 battery right?

For all of it with shipping, aiming for $190. I don’t plan to go cheap with the mounts as they were only used once and only about 50 feet to test them. Trucks would be $40, pulleys about $30 and $110 for whole mount kit ( and $13 for shipping.

Alright, I can handle $60. Yep, it is the 1.5 version. Couldn’t stand the sag of the 1.0 battery.

If you don’t mind me taking them apart, like taking the truck off the king pin, I can squeeze it in a small box and let it got for $45 including shipping. I have them with the yellow nipples but can swap them back with my purple nipples if you prefer. That or dig around for the original black bushings they came with.

It looks good



I think that will work for me. You can send whatever you have on them