Some Goodies for sale, recent price drop [US]

Is that the 42 inch volador deck? If so how did it work for you?

Still have the motors? If so what is bent on the one?

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Yep, still have both of them. I’m not sure if bent is the right word to use. In one of the pictures, you can kind of tell the can? is off center. I’ll have to post a better picture but the back end of the motor is tilted and rubs against the part of the motor you bolt down to the motor mount. I’m not good with naming the parts of the motor I’m afraid. If you can re-aline the back end, the motor works perfect mechanically, it just stopped spinning freely due to grinding into the other part.

what is still available?

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Pretty much everything, haven’t sold anything yet. Willing to wheel and deal prices if need be.

pm sent thx

added location to the title. correct it if wrong.

Beyond the bent motor, is any other repair/work required? How much would you want for the full kit (including caboodle)?

Not sure if I would call it repair or work but the one motor with the bent casing, it will need to be realigned. The mounting bracket came loose and so it’s off center and needs to be put back in place so the belt doesn’t shred. I need to update the listing but I did end up selling the battery earlier today. Still have everything else at this moment though. As far as price for the whole thing, I guess about $500? I don’t know how I could ship it all together though. I guess I could find a big enough box for it but I’m sure it may be a bit expensive. Didn’t think anyone would want it all together lol

I’ll take the trucks for a straight $45!

I have someone interested in the trucks at the moment. If it falls through, I’ll let you know when I can ship them for $45.

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