Some help with a battery

Glad I could help. You have no idea how long it took for me to understand everything :grin:

It’s easy to mess up the right order with balance wires For example here is on the top B0 and on the bottom B6+. If the female connector would be on the left side the order would be mirrored with B6+ on top.


When the female connector is this way (so you can see the pins) then is B6+ on the top and B0 on the bottom. If the cable of the female connector comes from the left side it’s mirrored, too.


Then the print on the PCB is on the bottom side so it’s mirrored from the top. Many faults possible. That’s why it’s recommended to check all voltages with a multimeter before plugging it to BMS.

I will defiantly be picking one of those up before fully assembling this. Again, thank you guys for the help. I’d have a pile of non working, non matching parts if it wasn’t for this site.