Some questions about motor, battery pack etc

Hi there i’m following this forum from a lot of time and i think that is an amazing forum…! Finally i have decided to change my movements in city. i’m thinking about a one motor configuration with 83mm wheel, at the moment… and i’d like 20km autonomy… ah, sorry for my bad english… i have read the motor/battery guides… but i have some questions :confused: sorry!

MOTOR: About the motor, i have see at hobbyking this model: turnigy aerodrive sk3 6374 but i cannot take a decision about the power… there is 3 model, 149kv @2250w 168kv @2400w 192kv @2750w how do i understand how much power do i need? i’m 178cm x 80kg if you want reccomend something better… I do not want to go too fast

BATTERY: About the battery, i’d like to have an autonomy like 15-20km… ( if it’s more I do not complain :slight_smile: ) in the “specs” section of motors indicate that is good choice 10s or 12s… so, this is a good choice? ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo Pack there is a better solution? more thinner, etc… Ho

PULLEY: About the pulley configuration, reading the various posts I realized that the best configuration is this: 1X 15T 12MM motor pulley 1X 36T 12MM wheel pulley 1X 12MM belt i want to craft this (except belt obviously) and the motor mount with 3D printer… I’m thinking of using the PLA… and for the motor mount was thinking to print the enertion mount

thank you!

Hey you can use this calculator to fiddle around with the kv and teeth to get your desired topspeed. Put the efficiency on like 70%. For the rest its mostly preference although some people on the forum know a lot more.

Oh and try to find a build you like that someone else already did might be helpfull for your first diy. I did that myself aswell!

Motor: In this case, it is not about the Power but about the kv. 192 kv @ 10S will fit your needs.

SK3s are good motors, so you can go with them.


The ZIPPYS are good. to get the wanted range at 10s you will at least need 10s2p with these. If you calculate range, you can use the estimate of 10wh/mile.

Pulley: Check ratios at . Printed Pulleys work, but i am not sure about PLA. The mount will for sure not work printed with PLA. It may with ABS, but not sure there