Some stuff for sale

Kegels 4 for 35 Tb wheels 9omm for 40 Pulleys 25 each Remote and receiver 25 Buyer pays shipping and any paypal fees Not really trying to go much lower but feel free to make an offer! image image image image


Mini remote sale pending

how much wear have the kegels got? And how much for the 8 to Sydney 2156 Australia?

How many kegel pulleys available?

The kegels both have no to minimum wear. One set is brand new Nd the other hAs less than 25 miles never electrified. Dunno what shipping is to aus… gotta find out tomorrow on my day off…m

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Only one pulley

please do. keep it held until you know please.

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You running one kegel and on abec on the same board lol.

Huh? Nah… I bought a big box of stuff from someone that quit eskate and ive barely started posting some of the items im not gonna use

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Cheapest shipping to Aus seems to be fed ex for around 43 bux… 8 wheels weigh around 4.2 pounds

Try usps. Serious cheapest and most reliable to down under.

I do so love a solution. Its like a kiss on the soul.


Are the kegels 15mm?

image image image Brand new deck for sale. $85 shipped to the USA

Damn it i still want that deck lol