Some suggestion for a beginner board

Hi, I am from Vancouver and I have never done electric skateboarding before, not even a traditional skateboard. Because I am a beginner, I don’t want to spend too much money right now and want to get some ideas on what budget board I should buy.

I recently see some ads from Uditer skateboard, it seems like it is a relatively new company, so I also found some common recommendations from Google like Meepo and Wowgo to do some comparisons.

They are all around the $500-600 range. One thing I notice is that WOWGO only has 11 miles range, whereas Meepo and Uditer have a 20 and 25-mile range. Are 11 miles range from WOWGO3 enough?

Meepo V3: $599 WOWGO 3: $499 Uditer W3/S3: $499

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In terms of battery, it looks like Uditer has a better battery. Does it need to take out the battery to charge and does it take a lot of effort to take the battery out from Meepo or Wowgo? I think I wish to know if I ride at a moderate speed, how long can I ride for 10 and 20 miles range?

Meepo V3 Battery: 36V/288Wh(Built-in battery) Wowgo 3 Battery: 36V/180Wh(Built-in battery) Uditer W3/S3 Battery:36V/328Wh(swappable battery)

Meepo & WOWGO battery is 10S2P, Uditer battery is 10S3P. Uditer seems to be better and it can be easily swapped if by looking at the picture?

The wheels look to be the same for all of them.

In terms of the deck, is maple better or Bamboo fiberglass better?

Meepo: Maple WOWGO: bamboo fiber glass Uditer: bamboo fiber glass

For ESC, They also look to be similar.

Overall, I am kind of trying to decide between Meepo vs Uditer but Uditer price is cheaper for 20 miles range. The battery is also better. Since they look to be a new company, I don’t know if the quality or service is good. Appreciate if anyone could share some opinions or suggestions.

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I’ve got the Meepo V3. I already owned an Evolve GTX and got it so I could go on rides with my kids. Its really good, and so far has been reliable and tough. The kids (16 and 19yo) actually prefer it to the Evolve, but its a very different product.
I haven’t had any problems with mine so haven’t needed to use their service. I would say that my first delivery of the board got “lost” by Australia Post. I doubt very much that that this was Meepo’s fault but they sent me another new board straight away which arrived promptly.

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