Someone else having problems with diyeboard parts

I’ve purchased recently my second 10s5p kit, battery, esc, enclosure, wheels But im having problems with the esc. Ive changed the indicator for the battery voltage with %and volts and Jason from diyeboard keep telling me that there kit cant work with different indicators only there own one. So ive had the problem that the esc doesn’t show %battery on the remote and doesn’t cut off at 32v but goes to 30v and then just shuts down with no warning. So they sent me new esc that i payed half price for and it worked perfectly for 1 ride then just died and doesn’t power on just led powers up when i hold the power button so im back to the old shutting down one. But Jason keep telling me its the indicator, so i changed to theres way back when he mentioned it the first time but it was the same thing and i have uses the same indicator on my last kit no problems whatsoever. Now im waiting an answer for 2 weeks after uploading videos for my replacement esc

If you read through this forum, you will learn that most of diyeboard’s products are really not that good. Buy a vesc or focbox. easy.


In answer to your question, probably everyone that has had anything for over 3 months. Which coincidentally is the length of the warranty. Strange.


Have personally had good luck with https:// but there are also lots of other good vendors for getting a VESC, can try long haired boy (believe in the states) or just order straight from enertion. Regarding power monitoring I’m a big fan of the metr module and corresponding app, lets you monitor log and adjust your parameters from a simple app (there are some alternatives here as well for the VESC search for ackmaniac firmware and app if you’re interested).

Not but And im talking about there new parts Mine broke after 1 day

Yup thanks for clarifying and posting your experience just telling you mine with some other vendor.

Think what @wafflejock was giving you was an option. I’d be surprised if there is anyone here that has had a good experience with the other mob and then there was the question of divulging credit card details on this forum. Best put it down to experience and move on to a reputable company of which there are many here.