Someone is using Marketing Bots for Enertion

If anyone frequents the electric skateboarding subreddit (, Somone has a bot/spammer commenting on the excellence of the Raptor 2 which I think is really funny/ironic.

You can see the account here:

Makes me appreciate this forum more - thanks mods!

Edit ** thought it was @onloop’s bot, edited since apparently it’s not him.


We don’t know if @onloop himself is doing this. It could be anyone. Don’t make accusations without evidence.

I agree that it is very sketch. And if it is him that’s just wrong.

I don’t think he is doing it himself. But he has some very low skill employees (probably same people who answer customer support) who do this kind of stuff. Not only on reddit, but recently on endless-sphere too.


Ok. Yes I’m assuming it’s @onloop but it’s difficult for me to think someone else is running a counter campaign against Jason like this. If so, it would be some impressive inception level guerilla marketing. I’ll be the first to admit I’m an asshole for making this assumption if that turns out to be the case :slight_smile: .

This is more meant to be a fun post and I don’t think it’s wrong for him to try different ways of marketing – maybe I just have a messed up sense of humor. I work in a small company and at a small company you’ve gotta do everything you can to get the word out: spray and pray. I really admire Jason’s hustle, you’ve gotta keep trying and sometimes a marketing channel works, sometimes it doesn’t and worst case scenario is that it backfires.

Personally, if I were onloop I’d do everything in my power get rid of this account since it’s damaging due to how obvious it is. Either I’d stop using the marketer (assuming it’s him) or have the mods address the account (assuming it’s not him).

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My favorite post from “her”:

[quote] [–]ridergurl 0 points 21 days ago

LOL, inboard wishes they had a design as good as what enertion is bringing to the table. The raptor 2 has the most powerful hub motors available. All the brands you listed have done nothing but copy enertions innovations and designs.[/quote]

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The best reply so far:

[–] mrd777 7 points 1 day ago Yes, it looks like ‘ridergurl’ is riding someone at Enertion


haha what is this? seems more to be a fanboi, hell enertion can’t have one of these also.

Yeah you are. This is very insulting.

I do all my own marketing. I make all my own videos. I do all the graphic design for my business. I desing all my own product. I work my arse off to try to build up my brand and make the best possible products. Just 12months ago I was packing all the orders and doing all the emails too & only just recently started paying myself a wage.

Why the fuck would I need a bot to make random comments on reddit?

I really thought you were one of the more intelligent people on here? I just lost a huge amount of respect.

Please refrain from starting threads like this. Its completely off topic and has nothing to do with esk8 builders.

Please Go here:


Alright - I’m an asshole for assuming! At my work we firefight fake posts all the time, half the battle is finding them and then following up to protect or reputation. Like I said, I’m not doing this to disrespect you, I know you hustle your ass off on marketing but I was just assuming you were trying something different which I’m not knocking - you should be trying many different ways of getting market traction and you’re only one man. We’ve used marketing companies that go in really odd directions and we’ve come to regret it. Other times it works, it’s hard to know how these things will pan out. I was taking this more as something I thought was funny, but I think you are taking it as not – from my background this stuff is really benign.

That being said, some weirdo out there is promoting Enertion in a damaging way on reddit and according to @rmrf, on endless sphere too… so, like I mentioned, if that’s the case you should probably address it.

Have you ever considered that the thousands of customers we service across the globe are actually very happy…

here are some more happy customers:


Why does the link have “Raptor 2” in it if you’re not shipping to customers until next year? Looks like these are just general customer reviews for any product you have available…

my e-commerce website doesn’t display this type of list format well so i made a custom page on my wordpress site that is using the raptor2 subdomain.

if it makes you happy here is the other link

Ok, lets all calm down :neutral_face: Don’t come to assumptions and let’s all stay professional. This forum is for everyone, and I don’t think it would be great for kids reading these types of threads, so let’s just keep this in mind when responding to posts.

I agree that there are a lot of happy enertion customers. I don’t think this person is one of them. I honestly think this is a weird direction to take the discussion since the account seems very obviously like a spammer account but I’ll indulge you in your argument.

The reason I think this account is a spammer/bot is because there are lot of spammers/bots on that subreddit, particularly from Marbel Boards, and this account looks and behaves in a very similar way. The account is 20 days old, never replies to anything in context, and only spams pro raptor 2 comments. Other users on that subreddit have also pointed out this account as a spam account as they have pointed out many other spam accounts.

Let’s compare this to a different account, someone who I think is a genuine fan of Enertion.

This guy has been trying to get himself a raptor 2 through your referral program. His account is diverse and varied and he actually looks like he’s replying to threads in context. He says other things other than pro raptor 2 comments. I think he’s a real person that is bugging people on that subreddit to use his referral link.

This is the internet so I have to take contextual clues to make these decisions. I think ridergurl is a spammer just like I won’t click an online ad that says my computer has been infected by a virus. Do I know 100% for sure that the advertisement isn’t trying to save my computer? Do I know 100% ridergurl isn’t real? No, but given the context, knowledge, and general experience online I can infer that both are fakes.

Also, I can’t believe you once thought I was intelligent. That one is on you :slight_smile:. I’m trying to keep this light but I don’t think it’s working. I still think you’re great and find it unfortunate that you’ve lost respect for me.


Sorry guys. I know I’m new and all. But I’ve been following for quite a while now. Why does anyone give two fucks what @onloop does with his company? Seems like there’s some kind of jealousy or something going on here. If it’s about his claims about having the most powerful board to date, who really gives a f$ck? You know, it’s kinda like when you tell you some chick you have a 12 inch dick when in reality it’s 8. It’s advertising. Marketing is a whole other world guys. Especially in the small business market. It’s what you have to do! If it works, great! If it doesn’t… no harm no foul other than to the person actually taking the time to market because he/she will lose money spending the time. Why don’t we all wait until the product is released until we come to these speculations? Give the man the benefit of doubt at this point. He’s been really honest in saying that the Raptor 2 is still in testing. When you purchase now it even gives a schedule! I’m not trying to start any wars or anything guys. Just trying to state that this board hasn’t even released nor is it in production yet. Let’s be patient. Then we’ll see the results.

@onloop Keep doing your thing dude!


I totally agree - he should be marketing around and should continue. Not sure why people are taking offense.


Some people feel a degree of contention towards onloop cause they feel lied too and cheated for some inexplicable reason. Ironically he’s the one hosting this forum.

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Edited… because I don’t really care anymore :kissing_heart:


[quote=“SeanHacker, post:17, topic:14327, full:true”] You know, it’s kinda like when you tell you some chick you have a 12 inch dick when in reality it’s 8. It’s advertising. Marketing is a whole other world guys. [/quote] No, actually that would be called false-advertising. There’s a difference

Noone should feel that way towards him as a person, as it should be related to the company. Please also note, that yes some of “those people” are likely to have no legitimate reason to feel lied to or cheated, but some of us were.

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