Someone know how can I join these parts

Please provide a little more explanation next timeZ. You will have to solderthe wires to the connector or get new connectors and desolder the old ones.

But when I try solder these parts the solder it cold very fast.

It kinda looks like there is an unsoldered female bullet connector on a male connector. Pull on the gold end. does it come off?


I going to try do this, thanks

Also, get a more powerful soldering iron. Esk8 uses large wires, and you need a more powerful iron to solder them.

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I still see 2 female connectors attached to motor leads… Picture of your soldering iron,solder,etc too

The one visible male connector, can you plug that into ESC?

This can’t into in my VESC because this top is without a hole

Now that you added the second picture, there are definitely spare connectors on your motor leads. I knew it, haha! The supplier probably included them for convenience, and just plugged them on the motor wires so they didn’t get lost

It looks like there are unsoldered connectors plugged into the ESC too. Do those come out?

This plugged can’t into in the VESC , what technical I could used for connect these Part’s VESC AND ENGINE

You need a local friend who knows to show you


Pull on this gold connector. Does it come out? If yes, there is going to be a female bullet connector inside the ESC housing. If not, you need to solder wires to those fittings

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this gold connector doesn’t it come out. I will try solder this parts, thanks all for help me.