Someone with ESC PCB board soldering experience plz look this over

I’ve been trying to get this flier twin ESC to power the program card but something’s wrong with the servo connector coming out of the board. opened it up and discovered one of the leads was disconnected.


a friend of mine with soldering experience soldered it back on (as well as resoldered the other two connections) and it’s still not working.

IMG_5260 IMG_5264 IMG_5265

Need some advice on how this soldering job looks and if there’s any issues you guys can see/identify that might speak to why the servo coming out isn’t working. Thanks.

Also I tried cutting off the end piece of the servo incase something there was fault and resoldered on a new one, that’s why the servo looks all hacked and shrinked in the middle. Didn’t fix anything obv =/. Battery connection should be solid, it sparks a tinny bit when I plug it in which I’ve read is normal for these ESCs.