Sony Konion US18650VTC6 3120mAh - 30A

I’m Ordering these: Sony Konion US18650VTC6 3120mAh - 30A Brand: Sony Energy Model: US18650VTC6 Size: 18650 Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.6V Maximum Voltage: 4.2V Discharge: 15A Maximum Continuous or 30A Maximum Continuous with 80C temperature cutoff Positive: Flat Protected: NO, UNPROTECTED Rechargeable: Yes Dimensions: 18.2mm x 64.9mm Weight: 46.8g

would any one be interessted in some?

4.5$ + shipping US only they take about 30 days to get here.

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what’s the source?



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30a sounds very impressive. Will they truly live up to that? If so, a 4p pack would be a beast of a battery.

Yeah but with a 80°C cutoff but knowing eskates it will never come to that if you scale your battery properly.

80C, 176F is pretty hot.



According to nkon these also come with 3120mah so we’re pushing the envelope at almost the same price as q30’s. These will go nice in my @Hummie decks with dual ESCape B-Boxes


…you mean ESCape B-Boxes (??)

Of course what did you see.? :smile:


Got you. Your subconscious betrayed you …he…he…

The VTC6 are only rated at 15A according to Mooch

If you want more discharge capacity you could go with the amazing VTC5a for a 25A safe discharge

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That is constant 15a from full to empty. But as we all know there is no way anyone is gonna pull a constant 120a in a 4p pack.

Vtc5a are better for lower p packs tho but at 4p vtc6 is king I think

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@darkkevind might know something or two about these cells, as I think he uses them in his evolve mods


I did many packs with konions. They are my absolute fav cells. High C rates and good capacity. On top of that their chemistry is one of the safest available for 18650 they do not disbalance and have a self balance tendence (more intense on v3 and v4) many builders use them without bms. Mooch reviews are very good and we should read them but not take them as if they were written on stone. He is a VAPER 1s1p use. It is true that vtc6 C decreases to only 15 amps at high temperatures and the capacity shortens a little after some intense use but that situation has Nothing to do with us. We do not use single cells at its full performance. Just by making 2p the temperature will never reach 80° and making 3 or 4p keeps the pack at nice warm temperatures. I prefer konions over 30q not for the price but the performance. They are the best of the best for ev’s.


I have mine set up to discharge 30A, as @bimmer said they are rated for max 30A as long as you stay below 80 Deg.

Someone stated they have poor cycle live, but mine are holding up quite well till now…

@pat.speed @rojitor @bimmer

I’ve made well over 30 packs with Sony VT6 so far. Most of them 4p, some 5p. Anything over 5p I would recommend using 30q as they’re cheaper and that many in parallel is enough. 6p+ of the VT6 in parallel is just crazy overkill for most applications.

I’ve had one problem so far where a cell that died (must have been faulty) took out a whole 4p parallel pack as the user didn’t notice until it was too late. (Easily repaired though) So apart from that, these cells have been rock solid, pack a massive punch and seem to last forever!

@rojitor is right, because we parallel them up, they never over temperature like the 30q tend to, so they’re always capable of 30A continuous, and my customers really feel it when their tons of torque kicks in :+1:

I highly recommend these cells. I’ve literally just bought £1400 worth of them! :rofl:


I’ll take 12 if it’s not going to be too long of a wait. Let me know if this is a sure thing and when you expect to have them. Thanks

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It will be quite the wait. It takes them 3 weeks just to ship sometimes. You mean the batteries right?