Sore feets while riding

I’ve been riding my build for a few days now and it’s great fun! However, after about 15-20 mins my feet gets sore and tingly and I have to take a break.

At the moment it’s winter season in Sweden and most of the roads have been salted with fine gravel to prevent slipping if there is ice. I was thinking that the gravel in combination with an extremely stiff deck would cause this. Would a deck with more flex maybe ease up on the soreness? Any input?

Link to my build:

As you can see it’s a real shitty deck… I’m looking for a deck with the same form as Loaded Tesseract, but I haven’t managed to find one that doesn’t cost $150-200. Any suggestions for similar cheaper boards?

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It’s probable that the vibrations from the ground going up through your stiff board is giving you the, what we call pins and needles. A more flexible board will alleviate that, also bigger, softer wheels. Make sure when you’re riding you’re distributing your weight evenly whilst cruising, most people tend to put all their weight on their back foot, obviously at speed or downhill your weight should be on your front foot though.

I’ve got flexy board and the feet also gets ‘‘tired’’ Im not sure is it the same feeling you get… at least my feet does not get tingly… more like sore…

I can relate this feeling with a snowboard, if you have rode one for a prolonged time…

Though. in snowboard it is usually (in my opinion) because the boots are quite stiff and you got to absorb all the terrain with you feet, since the board, the surface - terrain, and your feet are into a very direct contact…

Perhaps someone with more knowledge can hop it and inform us how to avoid these things a bit…

I actually though that stiffer board might avoid the sore feet feeling… I guess im wrong :smiley:

have a look this post, very common problem. in my case was just continue ridding after some rest,5 minuts and in couple weeks i did not have this feeling anymore

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Could also be that I need some time to get used to it. It’s been almost 3 years since the last time I rode a longboard. I will also try distributing my weight more on my front foot like @darkkevind suggested.

@Okami: I broke my right foot (front foot while riding a board) in 2010 by slipping down an icy curb by walking hungover I got all my weight on the foot which caused a trimalleolar fracture (snapped 3 bones) in my ankle. It was repaired with titanium plates and screws and to this day I still have some troubles from time to time where the foot gets really stiff and sore.

Not my X-ray, but it looked almost like this one after surgery. I had all the screws and plates removed in 2014 due to one of the screws actually unscrewing itself from the inside and breaking the skin on my ankle.

I have parts coming in for a 2x90mm hub motor board. Just missing the deck for it so I’ll try to find a deck with more flex in it. Looking for recommendations, preferably in europe.

@Surfer: Thanks, good thread. I actually have the same shoes that onloop pictured in his post when I’m riding :slight_smile:

i find that runners with allow of support seem to help, ive noticed when i wear my casual shoes i can definitely feel it more then when i wear my supportive runners

I noticed alot of the soreness comes from boards being too narrow at the nose/tail so your toes hang off. Flat/simple concave seem to make this worse.

My jet potato/spud has a nice 3d concave and fenders that give more feeling and you can move your feet around to easy the tingle… check out jet. they also have 33’ - 36’ versions for a much better price than loaded.

I started wearing Nike air trainers, they were pretty good. I recently got son Vans with leather and my feet feel way better. The rigid sole helps keep me feet from flexing too much at the arch, that helps a lot with the softness.

Vibration causing pins and needles is actually pretty easy to fix. Get some soft and thick risers and as soft a wheel as you can stand.

I had the same problem things that helped are big soft abec wheels and rubber risers. Even with this I was having trouble. So I decided to shave down the deck where I was having pain which was the heel side edge. Now no trouble and cant feel anything which in itself is a trade off because you can’t feel where your foot us on the board. something like a foot stop negates this negative.

I got a pretty good deal on a Slipstream Fibrefresh straight from their HQ in Sweden. Gonna pick one up tomorrow.

@rwxr I’ve found, after a year of esk8, that my body has adjusted to the sport and I can ride more comfortably for longer periods of time. Just like any other activity, your muscles and joints will adapt. In addition to the equipment mods others have mentioned, try slightly varied stances and softening/bending your knees more. If your legs and hips are locked, the vibration impacts your feet more.

Solid advice, will try it!

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At 54, and after 2 surgeries on my right leg, I get some arch pain, and I believe it’s related to concave mostly. I now ride almost exclusively on Evolve AT wheels, and wear Under Armour “fat tire” shoes, which have a thick, super scushy air sole. They really stick to the board, so any slipping happens inside the shoe, if it’s not laced up tight enough.The wheels and shoes help, and the pain does seem to reduce the more I ride.

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