Source for 18650 PCBs ? (EU is best)

Hello, Do you know a source to buy PCBs to build a 18650 pack. Preferably 3p but 4p would do. Electricrepair is out of stock.

Also If you have gerber files, I could send it to a PCB shop (if I find one who does 3oz layers). Thanks

I think there are some gerber files on here i may have them bookmarked on my pc

here the files should be able to download.

I´m looking for 3p too. just didn’t have had the time to find out where to get them done.

I have 3p, I bought 40 and have about 20 to spare

Doesn’t @Kug3lis have some?

looks sold out :frowning:



Nice. How thick is the layer ? How much do you want for 20 (shipping to France) ?

They are only 1oz since thats all I needed for 3p 30q batteries

3oz is super overkill

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I have 12 pcs 4p

Does anyone know where i can still buy these in europe ? can’t seem to find these anywhere ?

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You could try @BigBrit.