Source for the DRV8302

Is this what I need to replace my burnt out DRV8302?

Is that a legit source?

Mouser or digikey in my region doesn’t have any in stock.

5 DRV8302s for $16 is a good deal, but it’s always questionable if the seller does package them correctly for shipment considering they are from China.

That’s what I was thinking. Guess I’ll just have to try it and see what happens.

Get them on digikey. I hope you know how to solder them…

Literally nobody has them in stock

@b264 Yeah it’s the first place I checked. No stock. I haven’t done something like this before but I’ve been studying and replaying @JohnnyMeduse videos over and over again and then some image training. Wish me luck!

@ARetardedPillow Exactly!

Can you please link these videos?

It is not this easy, there like a shortage of DRV8302 from the most trustworthy supplier. ( I don’t really trust chinese supplier for vital part like this)


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I didn’t realise there was a shortage. I got some a few months ago no problem. I think I still have one left

It is pretty, probably since the beginning of July, lead time is around 20-30Week