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Sources for Electronics / BMSs in Germany

Hey Guys,
I was planning a new Hub motor build with a selfmade 18650 battery (12s6p).
When i came to ordering, i saw that a 78$ BMS costs another 76 bucks shipping to Germany (…

Does anyone know a good source for this kind of stuff around Germany / other EU countries?

I only paid 10,80€ for shipping to France, just bought the BMS for 10S @ The only alternative I found for europe is but they are not cheap either which is the reason why I went with batterysupports.

We could share the shipping cost by organizing a group order for EU people.
I bet that several people from the french forum of OKP would happily join !!

Was denkst du, Flatsp0t ?

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Yes, we could do that

Well that sounds reasonable i also thought it should be around 10-20 bucks but:

Sounds way to high for such a small part. Have you tried contacting them via email?

Yes, i mailed them yesterday, but i got no response until now.
But it is never bad to check for alternatives :slight_smile:

I’d probably be in for a group buy, too.
Recently I’ve also found this side:
Doesn’t say if it’s Li-Ion, Li-Po, LiFePo… but it seems like they are mostly sellin Li-Ion batteries.

actually this could be a option as well, got my li-ion cells from there:

Thank you both for the nice links.
my problem is, i need 100 A cont.

Sounds great with a group buy! I’m in!

Some show-off for the german audience:
Ich wohne in Dänemark aber ich verstehe and spräche ein buchen deutsch.

@flatsp0t 100A continuous, this is loads! whats your ESC, you planning on a VESC? The wiring has to be crazy too, 100A really? I’m thinking the 60A I’ve been planning with are already over the top.

@OskarCastrone, not bad man, ich spreche leider kein Dänisch, try to lean french at the moment but struggle a lot.

well, 4 vescs in an awd hub motor setup, ready to climb 28% hills with ease

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plus, i want a bit of headroom on all components, so 120A max of the cells, 100 at the BMS and maybe limiting the VESC´s on 80.

Great I’m in as well! Have you bought Jacobs motors as well?
I’ve orderd two of them and I maybe upgrade to four when you get your hands on some decent BMS’s.

ok now I understand, sounds wicked :slight_smile:

If there is a good deal on a BMS count me in.

Yes, ive bought jacomotors, but i have no idea how the 4wd will perform.
So i recommend not spending so much money on an unproven concept.
But yes, if it works as expected, it is a monster.

Yes same with me!
If it works it’s a monster or you struggle with an unfinished product.