Southeastern Meetup/Ride

Well someone who likes to be in charge should really start tossing some dates and locations around and we can all vote for what is best for us!


Atlanta Georgia Sunday April 29 2018

Meet at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark at 10am.

edited to change the date from the 22nd to the 29th


Unfortunately I’ll be out of town this weekend but you guys have fun. Could we do the next weekend? The weekend of the 29th?


No issue here. I will make anything happen that everyone else decides on. Flexibility is literally my biggest job perk!


Im gonna do my best to be there. My job is frikkin crazy right now plus my kid was in from Taiwan last week, so now Im behind. But I think I can get down there for a few hours around lunch saturday.


What do you do for a living (if you don’t mind me asking)?

I’m a systems engineer. Just a fancy title for designing communications systems, mostly fiber networks, pots, voip, etc. Its pretty fun stuff, I get to see a bunch of different industries and meet people that do some out-there jobs.


Twenty Ninth works for me. It’s your home field, you set the schedule.

I’ll bring the “HELLO MY NAME IS” stickers.

And if custom printed sweatbands are prohibitively expensive, maybe some vinyl stickers?


Lol I love it :joy: I’ll wear a sticker for sure. This sounds great. What would be sweet is if we could find a routine meeting schedule that works for everyone. Once a month would be sweet!


Once a month would be a bit too often for me personally. I could be down for once a quarter or something.

It’s a bit of a drive, but I’ll try to make it. 7 hour drive. 500mi. I’ll need more batteries.

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Bloody hell where ya from?

Little south of Tampa Florida.

Oh wow. Yeah that’s a haul. As long as Florida is, you guys might benefit from having a Florida group too

Is anybody still doing the 29th ride ? Is anybody coming from far away

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idk if i will come it depends on how many people think they are gonna show up!

Any ATL riders down for a ride this weekend or next? (Aug 10-11 or 16-17)