Space cell 3 not charging

I am curious about the reasons why a space cell 3 wont charge. Its at 13%. When I connect the charger it jumps to 100% and the light on the charger stays green. Thoughts?

Hard to say… you will need to provide more informations maybe some pics or a video

Have you checked the wires ?

Yeah hard to say with not so much info. My bet is something is not well soldered I had several problem milke this with mine. I re did all the solder job and it was fine

do you have a voltage meter? Disconnect the charger and measure the voltage across the vesc.

Hey guys I took the battery out from the case and started checking everything. I found out that when i adjusted a cable and connected the charger it started charging! The light turn red. What do yoy guys think I should do? Here are the pictures showing what cable I am talking about.

Could be a dead row of cells in that parallel

Its charging now. I will update when it finished charging. Hopefully to 100% since there are no broken cables around.

Update: so it fully charged but the light on the charger was still red. Unplugged the charger and it stayed at its current battery percentage. Connected my vesc and motor and receiver and seems to be working fine. Now…how do I fix that cable? If its moved drastically it will cause to not charge and go to 100% when the charger is connected(while the actually battery is maybe 60 75 or any number…)

Are you saying if you adjust the cable in the picture (battery negative) it causes it to charge/not charge? If it’s that cable you can unsolder and resolder. I would check to see where exactly the problem is though. Perhaps it’s a loose connection or the nickel strip is breaking.

@Jinra hey Jinra! So when I first opened the battery jt bad some broken connections (2). Soldered them…That did not fixed the problem. I starting checking everything making sure nothing was loose. I turned the battery on then started moving cables again…nothing happened until i moved that battery negative cable i saw the percentage go to its actual charge. Then i connected the charger and it started charging. My guess that cable is the problem. Correct me if I am wrong

Sounds like it, try wiggling it around to see if it has a poor connection anywhere or if the nickel strip is breaking. Also check both ends.

Yeah so when I wiggled it you can see the percentage on the battery goes to 10% and it doesnt charge. When u move it a certain direction it goes back to normal. But when u wiggle it randomly u see the percentage going up and down.

cool so just resolder the connection and you should be good

Thats what I am going to do when I get home tonight. I will keep you guys updated.

Any luck with it bro?

Okay guys so i tried resoldering the cable and no luck i did notice a strange behavior . Take a look and tell me what you think.

This looks like a bad connection. Since when you move it around it is working ok and in some other position it dose not.

If you have a multimeter just test each end of the cells to see where the problem is.

What would be consider the end of the cells? Also should I test out the components in the front ? Like the bms and all that? I am going to get a multimeter now…

First of all i would test the overall voltage of the battery. The Black wire and the red wire that is at very end of you battery.

If this voltage is good then go check on other components like bms… If you dont get your full voltage at the ends you need to go and check every single little cell from end to end and see what is the voltage on each one. If they are all in good shape then check every group of 3 if is connected with the next one and i assume you will find somewhere a loose connection.

Good luck hope this helps

As @Bloop said, probe the output terminals with a multimeter to read voltage. Then move the pack around like in the video and see if that reading changes at all. It may just be a faulty meter or connection to the meter.