Space cell 3 not charging

Okay just got this off a store. Anyone can guide me on the settings I need to plug?

Flip it to DCV 200

Plug black probe into COM port Plug red probe into the one above it

Got it. Sorry never done this before. Where do I put it to test the

battery out?

If u can point it out in this pic that will be awesome

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the plug that goes to the VESC, red to red, black to black.

Don’t short the probes

Okay let me try it. Do the battery has to be on?

yes of course

Giving me 35.5 even when the percentage goes down on the lcd panel of battery it stays at 35.5

Now probe around some more on the meter cable to try and find out if it’s the wires or the meter itself.

Which are those?

The red and black cable coming from the meter