Space cell display message

I’m getting a message on my space cell display screen that is either L3 or E7 depending on which way you look at it. Any ideas?

@onloop should be able to help, I have never heard of this error. Sounds like it is the display not the battery it self.

sounds like it’s stuck on the menu to choose what type of battery you have.

I have the same theory as @Jinra

How do I fix it?

Pull the display out and see if there is a button on the back that is getting pushed down. Unsolder it when it is on the right selection of battery.

I’ve recently received my space cell, and I’m seeing the same thing - the display says “E7”, then changes to “100%” (I assume that’s not the shipping charge). I do get ~36V from the terminals, so the theory about the display sounds reasonable.

@Flatlander, did you ever figure out how to fix this?

The button on the back of the screen has likely been held down, it happened to me. If you turn it on and it reads anything other than L10 this has happened. So peel back a bit of the foam and move the first lot of chips out of your way (not too far though) and locate the button. Hold this button down whilst turning on your space cell and it will flash on L3 press the button multiple times until it reads L10 and turn it off. When you turn it back on it will display L10.

i think you got L3 not E7, lol

I agree with Jinra. its likely L3 meaning Lithium 3s

@joeadams101 is correct. There is a little button under the BMS board on the back of the display that is being held down when the pack is mounted and the board is turned on. Initially I found the button and hot glued over it but the it happens again. I unmounted the pack and tried to take the glue off and it took the button with it… problem solved, just get it to the right settings which I’ve been told is L10 and gently pop the button off.

said button, not actual size. Enhanced to show detail!

Hah, yeah, it was definitely L3. That fixed it - thanks for the help!

I also have this disfunction.

I had this problem because of my decks curve pushed into the BMS and presses the button. Solve it by adding a PVC inside so it can’t be pressed in