Space cell enclosure and flat deck?

I’m looking at nice looking, (relatively) cheap enclosures, and the Space cell enclosure caught my eye. Now I’m planning to house just one VESC, 10s4p battery pack and probably a few other small electronics for remote and other things. Is this a good enclosure for that? Or is it mainly meant to fit the SPACE cell? Second thing is, watching Jason aka @onloop 's vlog, I see the enclosure has a very slight concave, allowing it to adapt to other concaves, how would it fit on a completely flat bottom deck? Mine is completely flat no concave. I noticed in another one of this vlogs that the enclosures have this seal around the edges, maybe that will help it fit on? But I’m not sure, so I’m asking here for help.

EDIT: Never mind about the Space cell enclosure fitting my things, I watched through the video (silly me not watching through it all to begin with) and saw it actually can fit a fair amount in there, but my second question is still something I’d like answered.

Just another little edit, after watching this video again, I noticed that it’s a prototype maybe? Or is that how the current enclosure looks like? I noticed on the website the picture shows there’s cutouts/room to show a battery indicator and on/off switch, but in this video it doesn’t, again it’s might not be the one he is currently selling, so I just wanted to make sure. @onloop, or anyone who owns one for that mater have any pictures of what the one currently being sold looks like? Because I really like the look of the one in the video I linked above.

When you buy just the enclosure theres not any cutouts or switches, its has some space for it though.

This one is exactly the same as the I one received.

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That’s the exact enclosure. It’s sturdy, but flexible enough that it will fit on a flat deck with no problem. More than enough space in there to fit all the parts you need for a 10S single motor setup.

can you do a side shot from the shorter side? I would like to see how much concave the case has

@onloop thought on mounting it onto a flat deck? Just wanna check before I purchase.

it will fit onto a flat deck, it does have a slight concave in it but the rubber seal will fill in that void.