Space Cell in Cape Town

I’ve really set my heart on getting a S.P.A.C.E cell battery, even already have an enclosure for it that I bought from the USA before enertion were selling their own enclosures. I’ve paid for a SPACE cell before, which I bought from the Enertion online store (the best place to shop for eboard related things by far), only to be refunded due to it not being able to ship to South Africa (Not Enertion’s fault at all!!)

I’ve previously been told there will be a modular version of the SPACE cell availble “within the next few weeks”, subsequently I’ve heard that there are no such plans to make a modular version where the 18650s can be sourced locally.

Guys, does anybody know how I would be able to get my hands on one? It’s nearing festive season/holiday time, would anybody be traveling from Australia to Cape Town willing to gut the 18650s (and we make some mutually beneficial arrangement) and fly with it to Cape Town or willing to simply fly with the SPACE Cell complete if the airline allows (which I doubt they will, but heck, maybe some of them will allow you to check such a thing in).

Any other kind hearted suggestions and solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe Enertion will provide us with some good Christmas News that, indeed, a Modular version of the SPACE cell will soon be available.

Like I said, I’ve really set my heart on acquiring a SPACE cell, so really not interested in alternative battery solutions.

Looking forward to some constructive discussion and advice.

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I have a spacecell. Whats the issue with posting it to South Africa?

As stated, Enertion could not ship it due to international shipping (airfreight) regulations. I have been in contact with their support team very recently, and they again confirmed they are not able to ship it here. So you said you have a SPACE cell, do you live in South Africa?

I feel like at that point it will be easier for you to just build your own custom 18650 battery

It seems to be leaning that way, however, I still hope and believe there should be a way to get the SPACE cell shipped here.

Im in Melbourne Aus. Unfortunately

@wiehan I could probably send mine by sea. If you want the fast charger we could probably try that. Do you know whether theres issues with it once it lands in SA. Is there air frieght issues once it lands. Or maybe if close they just land transport it. I need to make total weight 2kg to send by sea.

That $45Aus postage. Say $37 USD with backaging. Will take 2-3mths

Im selling battery and fast charger for $350 USD. So it could be $387 for you.

Hi @Dedbny, happy to see a response. Thank you. What version of the SPACE cell is this? I see there is a Pro4 version already pro4. In my research I also found these guys, Batterybro, who were very eager to help me and does offer shipping to South Africa without any hassles. Not sure exactly how much they will charge me, but I will find out soon enough.

@Dedbny, I find it curious that you have found away around the shipping regulations, yet enertion hasn’t? Aren’t they losing plenty of sales??

I’m not at all declining your offer, in fact I am excited by the idea. I just need a couple of days to think about it and to see what betterybro’s offer will be.

In my boredom I also experimented with running my VESC/149kv motor off a Makita 5000mAh 18V Lithium Cordless drill battery and it seemed to work well! Has anybody else used a power tool battery successfully in a build?

Let’s stay in touch.

The financial aspect we can discuss in pm please if it comes to that.

What do you guys think?

Im sure enertion has considered shipping via SEA but the time it takes etc is un favorable for them most likely. I also believe that allot of Lithium power tool batteries are just made up of 18650 cells (like a space cell) but you would probably ruin it by using them cause drills don’t pull 60A+ (i could be wrong)

I concur wirh @Pathaim about shipping. I saw you your post and thought I could help. Shipping by sea will take longer. Also I need to get the item to 2kg. So im selling fast charger with my space cell gen 1 10s3p. That would help.

Your best bet is with that company in SA. If it falls through let me know. Shipping be sea is also relatively cheap compated to other options. Also as mentioned I dont know if theres other taxes you might have to pay and once it gets to SA of theres issues getting it to you by your sA postal service. Is it reliable. Are you far from cape town. Assume it will go to cape town port?

I am in Cape Town so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I am not sure if this yet another company will ship globally or at least to SA. But how do these packs compare to the SPACE Cell?

They seem to sell quite a few different ones.

I haven’t heard back yet from Batterybro. Will keep you folks posted.

Not a battery expert. Spacecell id 10s3p lithium ion, but that ones a lipo. Does have BMS, led readout, nice button. Looks like it comes with charger. 429 AUS Delivered. Check they have ir in stock. Might be the go for you. Sounds like its not as powerful as Spacecell. What set up ate you running, mono or dual.

@Pathaim may be able to chime in about battery,

i pm’d you

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I’m running a single Turnigy Aerodrive sk3 149kv and single VESC (older version) - not trying to break any land speed or distance records.