SPACE Cell International shipping

I ordered a SPACE cell from enertion a couple of months ago, but unfortunately had to get refunded because it could not be shipped to South Africa.

The issue is obvious: shipping of Lithium batteries are highly regulated since, well, ‘hoverboards’.

Now, how would one get this battery shipped overseas?

Has anyone managed?

Firstly, thanks for your understanding, The rules keep changing in each country and this makes it very difficult.

Due to the nightmare of aviation regulations we are looking at redesigning the SPACE Cell Pro to make it a completely modular system.

This will allow us to send you the SPACE CELL PRO Minus all the “cells” then you would simply need to join the 30 or 40 cells together (10S3P or 10S4P) after you source them locally. THIS OPTION WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 10-14 DAYS

The next stage of this Modular design is that we make the SPACE CELL PRO battery consist of a group of cells under 99WH each, these all join together to make the final desired 10S4P WH pack.

This way we can easily ship anywhere in the world & the recipient just needs to join some plugs together once they get it.


I am VERY interested in the modular space cell. Please keep me posted.

The second option of the modular design makes all kinds of sense Jason, best of luck with the development! It’s funny how things turn out, logistics dictating the design of a product.

The whole thing is a nightmare. No wonder why its so hard for Enertion to get these things to everyone. Its a major logistic nightmare.

If there wasnt so much resent issue with just getting thru detectors etc at secuirty for weapons or drugs. Wed be strapping these things on couriers to get them ppl os.

Hi, I’ve been patiently waiting after my last SPACE CELL Shipping “failure”. I visited your website again and saw the new SPACE CELL PRO4 Electric Skateboard Battery. Previously you mentioned there would be an option to ship this thing WITHOUT THE CELLS. I don’t see this on your website yet.

  1. Is it still impossible to ship a complete SPACE CELL to South Africa?
  2. If not, is the option of sending the SPACE CELL PRO without the cells available? Or could you pm to make such an arrangement possible?

Looking forward to restart my e-board build.