Space cell not fully charging

Any one had this issue?

My enertion space cell only charged to 100% around 6 times now every charge only reaches 86% before green light tirns on and stops charging.Mileage is has decreased and battery % drops much faster than previously. Any suggestions please?

Could be a number of things. A loose connection inside the battery, faulty BMS or faulty charger.

Best take it up with Enertion support and go from there.

Waiting for their response, someone posted same issue on youtube but no explanation what problem was.Cheers

Worst case one or more cells in a parallel group has broken. If that’s the case, don’t do any riding or charging of the pack. Happened to my first-generation space cell, two of three cells broke off from one of the groups during a ride and set the last one into thermal runaway, just lucky it didn’t actually start burning.

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Disassemble the battery and measure each pack individually, if there is a loose conexión you will know it

Worried if i disassemble enertion may not honour the warranty but this does sound like what could cause the issue

Sounds like a possibility for sure

I would wait for enertion’s response. If they will take it back in return for a new one, it saves you the work and possibility of screwing it up without a warranty.

Exactly my thoughts ,if my topic is ever solved ill post the results

Same thing has happened to mine after only 5x charges. I have posted a topic as well. One or more cells in one of the parallel batched failed causing a whole batch to read 0V. I first contacted Enertion for help in Feb and followed up every few weeks with no response. I then opened a returns request 3 weeks ago and it has just been left sitting as ‘pending’.

I’ve messaged them multiple times and the response is always ‘we will get a technician to contact you’. Never happens of course… I will be interested to see if they get back to you or just leave everyone with faulty items hanging.

Same here with their replies,they used to be very prompt but now they are basically ignoring everything i send them.Iv been waiting just as long and honesty dont expect a response which is such bad customer service on their end understanding that we customers are paying big bucks for their faulty products.Almost have to go to accc.In the process of building own space cell with same set up so just see how it goes.Good luck with getting onto them

Hi there,pretty sure iv fixed the issue with battery/charge etc.Under the Illuminated panel that reads the percentage there is a small button which changes the setting it needs to be on .i think mine was set on L3 which actually needs L10 but depends on what cell battery you are running.Mine is a 36v 10 cell.I think that when pressure is applied to the board ie from your feet on the deck that this small button can be pushed thus changing the reading.This of course involves opening up entire battery casing to access under the illuminated panel.After i discovered this button and changed the setting it is back to normal.There are some videos on youtube explaining the issue i think its under enertion battery reader problem.Sorry i hope i explained it ok.let me know how you go but please note if your willing to open up the battery it may void warranty with enertion but since thay didnt get back to me i just went ahead and opened it up .

I have this problem too… First the battery problem and then the Enertion support problem… At this point I just feel ripped off… I wish I could warn all the Raptor 2 people… Friends don’t let friends buy Enertion…