SPACE Cell Owners. How is your BMS/Switch wired?

Hey guys, I bought the BMS and MOSFET switch that @onloop uses in the newer SPACE Cells to use in my new build as I wanted a basic BMS just for charging but unfortunately it didn’t come with any instructions showing how to wire the components to a battery.

Was hoping that someone out there with a SPACE Cell wouldn’t mind taking a few photos of their battery wiring so I can work out how the BMS and switch are supposed to be wired to the battery and charging circuit?

Here’s a photo of the ones that I have:


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will send u photos in 1-2 hours

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check my board for sale

Would you mind providing a link? Struggling to find it

For future reference, click their name and look at the topics they’ve created.


Yea I did look at that thread, I wasn’t sure if that was the one he was referring to though as it doesn’t really include any photos that’re useful to me

Any chance you have any better quality photos? Can’t really make out much at all in that photo :stuck_out_tongue:

ill try these are from my camera roll

Haha awesome thanks man

Where did you buy the BMS/Switch board ?

Got it as a special order from Enertion

…Bump… :slight_smile: