Space Cell Pro 3 not charging HELP

After finally getting my battery and only riding and charging it <10 times my charger just stopped working last week and now only shows a green light on the charger even though the space cell reads at lower voltages than fully charged.

Upon further inspection, I found that a lead wire coming from my batteries going straight into the bms was essentially fried. I spliced it and connected a new wire to see if that would fix it but the battery still wont charge using my charger.

@onloop told me that my battery should be on the L10 instead of the “L3” that it is currently stuck on and that could be a possible reason as to why the charger still wont charge my battery. However, when I go to cycle through the battery settings by pressing the small button I am given no option of changing the “L” setting. All i see is it cycle through 3 display readings: a voltage reading (ex: 33.5V), a battery % reading (ex: 99%), and a blank screen (literally nothing).

Is there another button on the meter that I’m not seeing that is causing my battery charger to think that its already full and thus wont charge it anymore? If not, then I am at a loss for words on whats wrong with my space cell. All i know is that it is my only form of transportation to and from school and I need this to get fixed ASAP.

I have already talked to Jason and was told to submit an email ticket through the Enertion website (which I already have done) but I am wondering if anyone on the forum might know whats going on? In addition, why did my lead wire coming from the batteries to the bms fry in the first place?

Here is the photo of the broken wire for those curious. It is the smaller red wire right above the blue wire

Hold the button down while you power the board on. It should say L3. Each press of the button after that will cycle through L4, L5 etc… Stop at L10 and turn the board off.

You should isolate that wire with the very least electrical tape. Shrink tube would be better

Ever fixed the problem? @Haick

Yeah, I ended up sending in the spacecell for warranty repair in Florida. I believe @longhairedboy fixed it. They ended up just sending me a new spacecell.