Space Cell PRO 3 Screen help

Hi, I setup my The Space CELL 10sp3 with DIY’s ESC and DIY’s 6374 230KV 3200W motor Initially, it had a voltage reading on it before riding. (40.8 V i think) However after riding my 1st mile, I noticed the screen changed to “L 3” and once I think I even saw “L 4”

Any idea what those things mean? I was not able to find a manual for the space cell.

Also, my board went up to 25-28 mph at first, but after 3 miles it doesn’t go more than 4-6 mph.

Any idea what could be wrong?

It looks like it’s on the screen to choose what battery type the meter is reading. You should talk to enertion support on how to change it.

I remember someone else having the same problem. Apparently there are buttons on the back of the screen which you would have to get to.

ah, that makes sense. But also seems a bit silly to have controls inside the enclosure

As I understand it that should have been set by Enertion before putting the space cell together, and shouldn’t have to be set again. So my best guess is that something hit that button on the inside and somehow reset it. I think it’s a similar LCD to this one, and you can see the button the back used to change the configuration (how many and what kind of cells, so it gives the correct percentages) in one of the pictures.

@carl.1 @onloop It seems like your battery manufacture forgets to de-solder the buttons before they put it in the space cell. A few people are having this problem.

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UPDATE: The screen automatically fixed itself and I’m able to see the voltage.

Another weird observation: Now when I turn it off, it takes 4-6 seconds to shut off the screen. And in the process you see the voltage dropping from where you were to 3 or 4 v, after which it finally shuts off. Does this seem normal?

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Probably a capacitor discharging in the battery pack I guess?

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When you switch it on, what do you see now? I have a Space Cell Pro 3 and it shows L10 (perhaps for 10S) and then stays on the % of the pack.

There’s a button on the back of the screen and the BMS is on top of it. On mine if you pushed the screen or area around the screen, it would press the button. I slapped some velcro on the bottom of the BMS and moved it right in front of the screen. That solved the problem.

Yeah if I press above the screen area, it goes from L 3 to L16 and then till P48 or something followed by L 3 again. Weird thing is, I saw the 100% sign after riding 7 or 8 miles…Super weird that it’s at 100% and super weird that it’s finally showing up. And when riding it goes through all the numbers…I’m worried I’ll damage the cells or bms entirely.

On top of cutting down power to 5mph after going a few miles, this is another issue I have to deal with…smh

I see L 3 when I turn it on.

Is that bad for the battery?

I’d get that button fixed ASAP if I were you. It may be showing you the wrong percentage if it thinks your battery is a different voltage. @onloop

Not sure what problems this could cause, but either way, it’s probably best to move your BMS to start. Then you can see if your power cutting issue persists.

If it’s L3 it would be 3S that’s why I think he said it’s at 100% for all those miles he rode. I read somewhere that the L"x" was for the series programming on the bms on eBay.

This is another popular battery meter. It’s not exactly the same, but I imagine the programmings codes are similar. You should scroll to Li10/L10/LiA and try to confirm it.

Look at eBay 172018886570 and follow those steps. And see if you get a proper reading after that. Good luck.

Ok, might need to shop for a few things. I’ll definitely try those steps and see if it fixes it

Had some similar problems. After the battery arrived it only shows the voltage and not the percentage value. Wrote to Jason in a thread here. He asks me to explain the behavior to the support. I decided that Iam good to go with the volts-values. But a few days ago I switched the pack on one more time (want to see if there is any voltage drop over the time) and the pack fixed itself.

Oh Iam talking about the space cell for raptors. After I have received my board I’ll have an eye on the readings.