Space cell pro 4... horrible range

Hi esb, ive turned here after running myself and my pockets dry trying to upgrade my board and only to have less than 6 miles per charge on my space cell pro 4… thats less than a third of the mileage stated in the blurb of the product, and (around 20) seems to be what everyone else is getting too. I got 8 miles on a full charge with dual belt drive motors ( I chalked that up to me and it being inefficient) and now ive switched to dual hub motors and now im down to less than 6. For 500 ish dollars i expect a product more than capable of delivering 12 miles of range… Is anyone well versed enough to help me?

Specs: dual 130kv Torqueboard hub motors space cell pro 4 2x Torqueboard VESC

im just lost as to what i can possibly do :C

Post Vesc settings

well i posted each twice, sorry im a noob @Jinra

It might be an issue with ur battery

Please post some photos of the battery

i contacted enertion about this and they basically told me to sod off. its been like this since day one and now its becoming more of an issue due to me needing the extra mileage for my commute. They did put me in a chat with a guy i can send it off to, but told me that i need to cover all the shipping and repair costs and everything. I can understand that i guess… I just dont know what could have gone wrong. I baby the crap out of the board lol

BLDC tab? 10 char

You can send it off to them if you want I also do repairs on spacecells, I’m in cali so shipping will be cheaper. I might be aboe to trouble shoot it from my house though

ok so i just replugged it in to use the bldc tool again, and when i went to turn it on, it started normally and then kept turning on and off again and again. Im seriously about to just order another battery and shove it in the shell of this one… Heres the bldc tab @Jinra

im temped to hit you up on that, but im just so sick of having to constantly worry about this board. tbh buying a prebuilt sounds amazing right now :s

Noooo don’t do it!! Haha if jinra doesn’t think it’s ur settings then I’ll take care of ya can you tell me more about ur current setup?

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sure. let me upload the crappy phone pics i took a minute ago

basicallly the internals are the space cell dual 130kv hub motors ( torque boards) 2x torqueboard vescs the regular torqueboard remote and reciever a sector 9 kiss of death deck

Alright when u can just post those pics is the imgur post for the battery photos

sorry for how grainy and nasty the photos are, idk whats up with me and tech this week. If you want specifics just ask for them

What’s your weight and riding environment? Honestly, it sounds like maybe some tabs broke off some of the cells in the parallel groups.

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TBH can’t tell much from the photo but if definitely say it’s a battery issue since ur settings otherwise seem ok

U wouldn’t happen to have a spotwelder would u?

Dont think its the battery. I have 2 and they are in the 8-12 mile range. 20 miles are for perfect road conditions with a lightweight little guy (125-135lb) cruising at 10-12mph i think. Its just reality and not “real range”