Space Cell Pro3 Switch

I have a space cell pro 3 on my board. I hadn’t ridden the board in almost a year, and decided to get back on. I pulled it out of the closet to find the rocker switch had broken. I opened it up to see the wiring and realized it was a 2 prong switch, not 3. I’m wondering whether I should replace it with another two prong or a three prong switch. I don’t know how I would wire a three prong with the BMS though. It would be great if I could get some specific suggestions too. Thanks


Get a 2 pin switch from any auto parts store and your good to go.

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Ok thats what I thought, didnt know if not having a ground was a hazard.

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The switch connects to the BMS, it simply completes a circuit that tells the BMS to release power. The switch doesn’t actually have any power running through it.


@mmaner This is somewhat off topic but is there any way to connect a LED switch to the bms e switch?

@Jake2k17 I have tried this without success

If you want the lights it a bit more complicated because they are on much lower voltage

Switches just close the circuit, just find a diagram for your switch and solder on the 2 wires to the correct terminals

This is how I’ve done it in the past.


There is also this one where the positive and negative from the switch connect to the positive and negative of the spare vesc ppm header.


Sorry on the second one I don’t understand…the positive and negative go to the power leads?

You can use the POS & NEG from the PPM header in the slave VESC to power the LED. Essentially when you push the switch it powers in the BMS with supplies power to the VESC which supplies power to the LED.

Ok that makes more sense :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

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NC= normally Closed, which means its a closed circuit, which means always on till you it switch. NO= Normally Open, which means it an open circuit, which means always off to you hit switch. Hope that helps