Space Cell Pro4 maximum charge stuck at 94%

Recently, I noticed my Space Cell is maxing out at 94%. The little green light on the charger also comes on at this point.

I checked the battery connections, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with it or I just don’t know what to look at.

Also, earlier today, I was going to the convenience store real quick with a 50% charge and I noticed the speed was lowering. I checked the battery level and it was already at 26%. That’s 24% in less than ten minutes.

battery indicator is probably set to the wrong setting. When you first turn it on what L# do you get? It should be on L10

It is on L10.

I changed it back to L10 when it got pressed down the first time, then ripped the button off.

do you have a multimeter? try measuring the voltage of the charger

I’ll have to try it tomorrow after class and work.

Could the charger really malfunction like that?

So just now I went to class from my car off campus (about 10 minute ride) starting with 94% charge and now I’m at 80%. That could not be right at all.

My thought is one of the parallel batteries got disconnected somehow, making it a 10sXp, X being less than 4.

Hmm odd indeed. With my sk 3 192kv and 10s3p space cell I can go 20-22km while coasting and 15km if I punch the throttle now and then. I am 84kg and 1m92 tall :slight_smile: Yes, I catch some wind

I left earlier today to go to the store near my house starting at 66% charge. About 10 - 15 minutes later, it’s now at the low voltage cutoff on the VESC (<~30). I looked the connections of the battery and it checks out as far as I can see. Also, the parallel set of batteries on the end was really hot.

I’m at a loss.

If you’re in the US. And don’t care about voiding your warrante I can dissect your pack and take a peek

I’ve already taken it out of the Enertion case since that thing broke completely. It’s now mounted in my old case, but the issue stated above wasn’t cause by the move as it started while it was in the Enertion case.

Also, this is my primary battery, so I can’t really send it elsewhere as I use it on campus everyday.

Any updates on your issue? My Space Cell Pro 4 started doing the same thing yesterday. I’ve measured my charger voltage to be 42.2V. My battery currently measures out at 41.2V (93%) but plugging in my charger has no effect…light on the charger stays green and no increase on the LCD.

I got a response from @carl.1, and they said it might be a BMS issue.

Have you done anything/ridden a certain way to make it do that? For me, it might have been water, but I want to rule that out.

No water or crashes. Just started the last time I tried to fully charge. I haven’t gone for a ride since I noticed the issue since its snowing here now.

Interesting. At least now I can rule out water as the cause of my issue. I would check each of my cells, but I wouldn’t be able to put it back together as I don’t have a spot welder. Also kinda afraid to as well…

Do you happen to know how fast your Pro 4 drains?

I get about 15 miles of spirited riding on a full charge. Running 83mm Flywheels and 36/16 gearing on a single 6374 from @torqueboards.

Is this before or after finding out it has an issue?

I’ll start riding on a “full” charge and end up at ~77% after only ~10 minutes, that’s not even a quarter mile.

Like I said a few posts up, I haven’t gone for a ride since I noticed the issue. I’ll let you know in the spring when the snow is gone.