Anyone gotten their hands on one yet? If so, wht was your order number like? I’m in Canada and am curious as to when I would be able to receive it if I ordered one today. I really want one by end of July even if it means extra shipping. Is the dream possible?

canada post is possibly going on strike

It’s getting to the USA in a couple days according to Jason from Enertion. I’m hoping I’ll get mine in 7-10 days.

Is it handed to Canada post when entering canada? Under shopping it just says “free shipping”.I don’t mind paying extra to get ups or purlator. I have Canada post with a passion. Could a fellow Canadian give me some insight on this?

Don’t worry about canada post, I think Enertion use DHL.

Purrrrfect. But when will they start shopping from US?

I got mine on the 1st now im just waiting for the vesc, wait…wait…wait…and more waiting. But the battery is beautiful and cant wait to test it out, hopefully at the end of the month.

@Dmsj97 You got your SPACE Cell Pro 4??? Are you sure it isn’t the Pro 3?

Its the pro 3 but i thought they were shipping at the same time. There pretty much the same tho except the pro 4 is a 12s.

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How does the Space Cell Pro 3 and Pro 4 have the same dimensions but the Cell 4 has 10 more cells?

Unfortunately the Pro 3 & Pro 4 have one week+ difference in shipping times

They both use the same enclosure; however, the pro 4 uses more space inside the enclosure leaving less space for VESCs and the remote receiver

Maybe enertion moved the bms up more so there was less space where you put the vesc

@Dmsj97 the pro4 is also 10s but with more cells in parallel. That’s what it says on the website. Where’d you see it is 12s? o.O Also, how long did it take to ship to you once it left the Texas dispatcher?

I hope the pro4 has enough space for dual VESC and a receiver

I thought it said 12s on their website, i might be wrong i read it a while ago and it took about 4 days from texas to michigan

I hope it does too! I was under the assumption that the space cell 4 was just a battery as many of the reviews I saw on youtube. I am happy it includes an enclosure!

I had an email from Enertion saying the pro4 will ship from the factory this weekend. I don’t know how long that is going to take … :frowning: and then they still gotta ship it to Canada. I just hope that I made this batch because I just placed the order.

Shipping from the factory this weekend?? Aw man. They told me this on July 1st: "The SPACE CELL Pro 4 have been manufactured and are now being sent from the Battery Factory to the Battery Logistics Company.

As you are based in the US the battery will be sent out from our US based Distributor once they clear it through customs, this process from factory to your door is overly complicated for batteries and can take somewhere between 7-20 days.

As soon as we get your tracking number we will update you. Thanks for your Patience."

What specifically did you use to mount it? How does your mounting look on top of the deck?