Space Cell Restrictions (2400W?) | Motor efficiency

Hey guys,

I was wondering about the use of the Space Cell for motors rated higher than 2400W. Description clearly says “rated for motors of 2400W or less”, but I already saw multiple people using them in combination with high-power SK3’s for example.

I’m not really worried about damaging the battery, since the VESC inbetween can limit the current to the desired amounts. I do get that you might not be able to use the full power specified for that motor, but will you be able to use the motor as efficiently as possible?

I already contacted multiple people, for example @elkick told me it would not be a problem although Enertion Support claimed "Space pro is designed for Enertion motors only. It has a 40A fuse and if the current draw is greater than that it will shut down as fuse will blow up. So, you cannot use it with 3000w" (which seems to me like a bit of a sales pitch).

What do you guys think? Please let me know, thanks in advance!

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You can use it with any motor, just set the limit in the VESC to the battery max rating. “Designe for enertion motors only” lol, a battery is a battery!

That is what I thought :wink: And how about the efficiency of use of the motor?

Yeah its just PR to sell more of them own stuff i think. But they say ‘ratet’ not something like ‘Only use our Motors or your house will burn down’


@EmielHuyghe. Don’t worry, it’ll work. If you would like to test it, I have a SK3 192kv 3200 Watt laying around to play with

Thanks for the offer @Skitzor, think I’ll just go for it since the majority says it will be fine :wink: Also my Space Cell will take 3 (or more) weeks to arrive so I will still have to wait a while I’m afraid.