Space cell vs Lipo's

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So far my build is at £668 which is just too much. The space cell takes up a large percentage of that price tag. Is it worth going with the space cell or going with Lipos?

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I don’t know if anybody has ever used enertion motor mounts for mountainboard tires. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to adjust the right belt tensioning with them. Maybe manfucture them by yourself to cut costs.

And i would measure if you can turn with mountainboard tires on a drop through deck, maybe if the trucks are wide enough.

You could also get a GT2B as a cheaper alternative to the enertion transmitter and industrial bearings instead of the trampa ones

Lipos would be much much cheaper than a space cell.

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How would I go about setting up a lipo system?

Buy a couple 5S lipos from hobbyking and wire them in series, that would give you the same voltage as a space cell.

Yeah but how would I wire them in series :wink:

Thanks (; :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be soldering batteries though.

Edit- shit, never mind, forgot about the connectors you can get from hobbyking

Is there an easy way to charge both of them at one time?

Voltage for each of the two 5s batteries?

5S means 5 lipo cells in series, when wiring in series you add the voltages together. A single lipo cell has a voltage of 3.7. Multiply that by 10 and you get 37 volts.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I used to know this stuff a few years back. Seems like I’ve forgotten! I take it the discharge rate should be 40c right?

25c and up will do it

What if i have two 20c 5S 3000mah batteries in series?

Trust me, space cell pro3 isnt the choice for you. Get 2 lipo 8000mah in 5s and join them in series. or better get 6s and join them in series, i had the same problem but i figured that enertion is a bit too expensive even though you can buy both the pulleys, belt, and rest of the bells and whistles. i diy-ed all my mounts from scrap Al. But, great choice for the gear, hope you have a nice build !

Yeah, i decided quite a long time ago that i’m not going with the space cell pro3. It’s way too easy to hook 2 lipos up in series for much, much cheaper. Will it be fine if have two 5s 3000mah 20c lipos in series? The 4000mah ones have strange bullet connectors that i generally don’t like…

go for 5000-8000 mah to have a somewhat decent mileage

TWO 3000 mah, not one 3000mah. That will give me 6000mah, will that not give me a decent mileage?

No, 2 3000 mah in series will give you 3000mah on 10s-12s (5s-6s)

You will need 4 3000mah 5s lipo’s to connect both in parallel en series.

If you don’t understand this, try to read more on the forums or just buy 5000-8000 mah lipo’s.

Where do i find two 6000 mah 5s batteries with XT60 connectors? Unless you can find a 4mm bullet to XT60 connector…

Edit- Unless the 4mm bullet connectors can be attatched to the prongs of a male XT60 connector? Nevermind, 4mm bullet connectors have both a female and a male in each of the ‘bullets’

Ok, i think i’ve figured it out, ill buy: (x2)

Can you back me up on this?