SPACE Cell won't stay on

I recently received my space cell, and it worked perfectly up until a few minutes ago, but now the power button won’t stay pushed in on its own. I can hold it in while I’m bench testing it but that obviously isn’t an option while riding. Is there an easy fix or do I need to contact customer support?

Hi, Thank you for your valued order of the SPACE Cell, this issue has happened 2 or 3 times before. In those cases it was due to a faulty lock mechanism in the switch.

The switch probably needs to be swapped out. It is relatively straight forward to do this however it requires the black shrink tube to be partially cut. The switch is positioned close to the edge of the battery so is easy to access.

You also need a soldering iron to remove the two wires running to the faulty switch, then you need to solder them to the new switch.

Some hot glue is also necessary to get a good finish.

Then simply re-apply the black shrink tube, using hot air, to get that finished look.

We can arrange to send a new replacement switch & new section of shrink tube, what is your order number?

There are also detailed photos of the inside of the space cell here:

I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks :smile:

replacing the switch should be a piece of cake!

My switch went bad as well. It is pretty easy to change out.

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I sent you a PM about this

I’m searching for answers to a similar problem. But difference is that my SCram build will stay on only if battery charger is still plugged in. Can someone suggest two or three steps to isolate the issue? Please…