SpaceCell Pro stiffness requirements

Here’s a clip of the flex in my Rayne Anthem Deck. It’s a downhill-ish deck so it’s relatively stiff, but it has more flex than my other downhill decks. Is this too much flex for the Space Cell Pro battery and enclosure? @onloop @carl.1

Figured I’d post this here to hopefully give a public answer of exactly how stiff your deck needs to be for this. Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t look too bad… If I were u I’d use some extra CF layers just to be safe

Add some extra foam between the space cell and your deck and use some rubber washers when you attach the case. That will give you a good amount of extra play. Plus, how often do you jump like that on the center of your deck while riding?

as mentioned you might be able to offset the battery enclosure to allow for the flex… but eventually you will have problems.

i recommend a stiff deck.

@onloop Do you have some recommendations of board brands that make good stiff boards?