SpaceCell Vented - Custom Build

My build Turnigy SK3 192 Kv motor 39"x10" 7 ply hard rock maple board Enertion vesc-x Enertion Space cell 10s3p pro3 battery Alien power system remote 83 enertion wheels Abec 9 bearings

I weigh 180 And I get about 23mph at top speed with this build, I get about 16 miles on a full charge and the board doesn’t take Hills too great. I feel like I’m not getting what I can out of it. Can anyone help me out. I’m semi new to e-skating.

What’s your gearing? And size of motor.

I’m not sure my gearing I’m using whatever it came stock as, I don’t know how to know that. It’s 6374 motor

What are your vesc motor settings?

These are my current settings Do you know what would be the best for this build?

15t/36t 12mm wide

I’m running a dual setup with 190kv motors, 10s voltage and 15/36 gearing and 83mm wheels. All I’m getting is 23mph as well. By changing your vesc settings, you can increase performance in terms of acceleration and torque for climbing hills but if you want to increase top speed, you’ll need higher gearing or larger wheels which will in turn reduce your ability to climb hills.

My suggestion would be to bump up the motor max to, at least, 50. I run all my 10s boards at 60amp max, but I would say to start at 50 and see how it goes. That should be a decent set-up with the 192kv motor. BTW I do not own a VESC-X, only VESC 4.12.


You can up your motor max to 80a and your battery max to 40a. Those settings will be perfectly safe for your motor, vesc and space cell battery and will give you a noticeable boost in power for climbing hills however it will not increase top speed.

Is there any way to increase range?

Your already getting 16 miles from a 10s3p. I’d say thats pretty good mileage especially if your climbing any hills. BTW, if you increase your motor and battery max amps in bldc tool to improve power, you might see a little loss in mileage because the more amps you pull the faster your battery will deplete. So it’s a trade off.

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Thanks man for the settings, my board just blew up and now I’m out 800$, whole thing caught on fire

What? No that’s crazy!

wow really? I would think you’d trip the battery fuse. guess that is useless… :thinking:

did it happen at full charge or empty? because the cutoff at 30v is too low for 10s…

98% battery was on it Didn’t even fully push the throttle.

The settings didn’t cause that. Something else happened. If your battery blew up it’s because a cell got shorted or went into thermal runaway. The spacecell is designed to handle 40a That’s because it has a 40a fuse. The cells in that battery are rated for 20a ea. 20a x 3p is 60a total load capacity.

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Do you think it was my error or the company error?

Hard to say. You would have to open the battery pack to see what happened. I’m guessing either a cell got shorted on its self or against another cell in its group or maybe a bad cell that over heated.

Considering there is nothing left of my battery, I can’t really show you or see anything.