Spare parts for sale

Some spare parts for a build that I never got around to making and has just been sitting on my shelf. All funds from the sale will go towards my new mountain board build. All prices listed is with shipping (conUS) included. Please PM me or reply below if interested.

UPDATE: international shipping available provided that buyer pays a little extra for shipping

Orangatang Kegel Orange 80mm wheels–brand new $55—SOLD

Tattu 4S 9000mah 25C Lipo–brand new $50 Zippy 3S 8000mah 30C Lipo–used a couple times $30 Turnigy SK3 6354 260kv motors–new (x2) $50 each; used (x1) $35------ONE LEFT!!! Orangatang Kegel 80mm 80a Purple Wheels—used (urethane chipped off in one wheel) $35 SOLD! Dono’s downhill 70mm 78a Transparent orange wheels—used $25 8S 26850 Basen 9000mah battery pack (actual output is 7S, one of the cell is dead)—used $105

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World wide shipping?

no sorry. conUS only

What’s wrong with the used one?

nothing wrong with it. Just that it’s used so had to lower the price

sk3 6354 260kv (used) $35–SOLD!

@Randyc1 here’s some 6354s

1 more sk3 6354 (new) left!

KV to high !

Shipping to Netherlands?

yes but you have to pay extra for the shipping.

Kegel wheels sold!