Spark Switch shorted, unnormal behavior?

Hey guys,

So I just happened to short my spark switch :triumph: while mounting my enclosure… I then checked and I’m pretty sure the Mosfets are fried. (thanks to @goldenHusky again for taking care of this several times :sweat_smile:).

Anyway… The switch is still wired in, It is just nonfunctional and doesn’t stop the current. The weird thing is that my voltage is at 55v when measuring the battery and the switch. Its an 10s4p and is usually at 41v max. When I plug it, the BLDC says it is at 37,3v. My charger also does not charge it when plugging it in. Any ideas ?

I’d say you are measuring wrong then.

You are right ! :joy: I just measured with another multimeter and it gives me the right current… The spark switch however does decrease the voltage coming from the battery 41v down to 37v… I guess I’ll unwire it and I’ll have to make due with a loop key for now…

This thread seems to be done then. @goldenHusky I hope you can have a go at my switch another time :wink:

@TranxFu Sure, just send it again, I’ll repair it of course :joy: