Specialist mounts

I’ve been considering making specialized mounts and mounting clamps (for pre-existing mounts) for trucks like the ats-12 and all surfrodz Trucks. Is there any market for this and if so is anyone interested?

A good way to see if people are interested in your creation is to make a prototype first and document the process with photos & pictures.

Then make an awesome build using the prototype parts, take heaps of nice photos and put them in a nicely presented build thread with heaps of details about your design and why you felt like you needed to make something custom.

It helps if you have some valid or special reasons for what you are making, e.g;

  • none available in my country
  • the ones i had before snapped
  • i added this cool new feature
  • I am an expert machinist with 20 years experience and i make really awesome shit.

If its good people will ask you if they can buy it from you.

Thanks man. I’ve been experimenting in cad but haven’t machined anything yet so I was hoping I could find a market beforehand.

Lead with passion first. Business later.

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