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Specific ESC selection

Just bought the S.P.A.C.E Cell battery (from enertion). I already own a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 149kV motor. Which ESC would be suitable for a large rider? Preferably easy to set up or plug and play. Would appreciate any suggestions with regard to what specs to look out for and links.

I note the VESC looks like a good buy, however only available in April from Would the “first generation” VESC found elsewhere online be worth acquiring?

There’s a couple other places to get the VESC.
are a couple.

I personally just purchased from ollin board co and they quote a 3-4 week lead period. The Diyelectricskateboard quotes that they will be receiving stock at the end of March. From what I’ve heard, the wait is worth it for the VESC. Especially with both of us being larger riders, the VESC will have much better torque from a stop compared to any other option.

VESC is definitely worth the wait, especially when using the space cell.

Some of the other esc’s without current limiting will tax the space cell’s BMS to heavily. They try to pull more amps than it’s rated for, which will cause your space cell fuse to blow. The VESC can be set to eliminate that as described here: