Spectrum Remote Build Idea

So I’m kind of new to this game, but I’m not new to RC in general. I’ve been having some signal dropout issues with my Alien remote/receiver around my college campus. It only happens around certain areas (ex. Between buildings near center campus) where the WiFi signals are very dense. It seems obvious to me that the reason is that the Alien radio doesn’t use any kind of frequency hopping and locks into a single band, and thus is subject to interference. I’m playing with the idea of taking a Spektrum dx2e surface radio and compatible receiver and stripping it down to fit into a more usable, custom case for esk8. Has anyone ever tried doing something similar? And if I do go through with this, would anybody else be interested in one? My hope is to be able to make a transmitter I can just swap the guts of a dx2e into.

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Spektrum is great, but most of us do this with the “venerable” GT2b - cheaper and already have 3d printed enclosures for it. Badwolf, Flatline Customs, Baby Buffalo, Master Cho - etc.

I did a writeup forever ago on the original badwolf v2:

I also ride along some bad wifi spots in my area - the GT2b is rock solid. My GF prefers a thumb stick control on her Kama controller, so until i do the baby buffalo mod, she still gets occasional drops along one ride. At a top speed of about 8mph (not kidding - she’s cautious) - those aren’t an issue for her.

Oh ok. I remember someone mentioning the GT2B mods people have done but I was worried about having the same issues with another cheap controller. The guts of the Alien remote and receiver look very similar to the GT2B but it might just be coincidence.