Speed and distance

Whats the speed and distance of travel i can get with this ?

-Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv Brushless Outrunner Motor -6S2P battery

Download an app and find out. I use Sports Tracker.

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I dont think hes got it yet, i think he meant like if he would build something with those components, what would be de speed and distance he could expect, right @lamjiasheng?

We’ll need to know the capacity of the cells in Mah to give an estimate for range

Thats what i mean man

thats a small battery. youre lacking a whole lot of information including weight, gearing, wheel size, geography, type of cell

I’m new at this I srsly have a lot of question to ask so u guys might see my stupid post these few weeks lol

This is the info i can get from it

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okay so what is your weight?

Lets assume youre gonna go with a standard 16:36 ratio and an 83mm wheel

Price is also quite important.

I can get roughly 40km from my board and, if my app is to be correct, top speed I’ve recorded thus far is 46.6 km/h and I weigh just over 90kg.

My setup:

Enertion Space Cell PRO 4 Enertion 6374 Big Boy Motor Enertion Drive Train Enertion VESC Winning Remote

Total cost of everything was just under €1000

no that is not at all possible with that battery pack. it is much too small.

i would go for a standard 10s4p battery pack. which will give you 20 miles depending on riding style.

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Will a 10s3p work ? Will a 2960 watt supply battery break a max power 2700 Watt motor Will they just work or will it crush I’m not pretty sure about the power current and things like that my main concern now is not to burn any electronic

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