Speed and range with 6374 motors?

I have a 12s battery that will be built for It, gonna use 6 inch tires on mbs trucks and flux motion deck

well it’s gonna depend on the batteries, how many you’ll have in parallel, your motors and even gear ration i think. you can go on https://calc.esk8.news/#/0 and put in what you get and you’ll have an approximation but of course it will depend on your weight and the type of rider you are / you’ll be.

I’m thinking 12s 5p Wheel pulley 67t Motor pulley 15t 160mm AT tires I weight 177 lbs and like to carve aggressively and some speed runs here and there but I wouldn’t be going above 30mph

you should be able to go 30-40 miles with 3Ah cells 10-20 A if you go with samsung 30Q’s but about 40-50 miles if you get samsung 40T’s (wich you’d probably have to top mount since those one’s are 21700)

30-40 miles of range? That’s more than enough for me honestly lol, and what about speed? What kind of speed you think I can achieve with 12s 4p, focbox unity, and torqueboard 6374?

with a 190 kv motor you should be able to go 40mi/h at max (with 15t motor pulleys to 67t slave(wheels) pulleys) if you get a lower kv motor you’ll have more torque but a smaller top speed

That’s more than enough speed ya thanks a lot dude!

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