Speed Cream for the Motors?

Someone recently said if you put speed cream in your motors it will make them quieter. He was talking about doing this to a boosted board motor.

Has anyone done this and would that work on an evolve BGTX?

I don’t know about quieter, but it might reduce their rolling resistance ever so slightly when applied to the motor bearings and increase their lifespan. Not often a problem for closed motors.

If I put some drops in the holes on the end of the motors would it get to the motor bearings or would I need to open the motors up?

If I were you, I wouldn’t bother. Unless your bearings are shot and in need of replacement, they basically make no noise. As for applying lubricant to the holes in the motor can itself, it is at best useless, and at worst actively destructive (the lubricant may react with some of the non-metallic components inside the motor).

That’s my opinion anyway, I might be missing something.


If your motor is not sealed, the fluid once in liquid or high viscosity state will leak away. Might even stain your wheel and break traction, which you don’t want to happen.

Edit : Instead you can put a layer of sound deadening foam around the can and on the flange for example. This or put a whole protective cage with same foam to reduce noise.

Ok. I’m not going to bother. The motors are working well and don’t seem loud to me. The possibility of reducing the rolling resistance sounded interesting but if there’s a chance I’ll mess up the motors then I’ll leave them alone. Thanks for the advise!

I would not do that, they get hot and need to breathe

Depends, the can already traps a lot of heat and doesn’t diffuse it without a proper thermal patch (there is none with our tiny motors, at best thin air flow). So it won’t make it as worse as you think cause we’re already kinda using the worst.