Speed decrease to 10mph at 75%

I noticed that there is a very large decrease in speed as i ride my board. My top speed is around 21-23 mph and like a 15-16 mile range, however after I ride maybe 2 miles (87%), it slows down to 16-17 mph. And after 4 miles (80%) down to 13 mph. And after 5 mies (78%) it’s down to <11 mph. AndI’m not sure whats causing this. Could be a setting in the VESC? Or maybe the batteries are shot? And it can’t be the BMS because its only wired for charging. Well thanks in advance for reading!

Check you cutoffs in the bldc tool


sounds like batt cutoffs are set too high in BLDC Tool


yup that was it! Thanks!


But set accordingly not like 1V… Because I smell voltage sag problem

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Yea I was either gonna say

-temps -sag -cutoffs set high