Speed demons......rationalisation

It’s the complete opposite for me I feel way more connected to just a board, wheels, and trucks, like an extension of my body. But yes esk8 is almost like endless downhill without walking up hills…

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Hahaha… I have the 83mm Evolve wheels and I suspect there must be a little too much grip.

Should get some shitty ABEC clones.

Wanna swap? I have some mini zombies 70mm lol Your nuts tickle when your going on some rough roads lol

Nice rebound not too hard but damn the motor just has too much tourqe

Ah I have seen those Zombies online (NZ). I often have to ride the cobblestone/brick footpath and the bigger the wheels the better.

Less “nut tickling”.

i think if you have something that’s over built for its purpose, it’ll perform better and longer under normal use.

for example, get 500hp+ sports car, but drive on the streets? that’s still fun.

your 1000c sports bike that’s designed for the track? it’s still great to ride on the streets.

have a great sound system but play it at normal levels? it still sounds awesome.

build an esk8 that’ll go 40mph? i bet it performs great at 20mph and climb any hill you can throw at it.


Mee to, the roots from the trees on the side made them fucked up basically you jump from a bycicle when going on that so thats why my next buils is 8" pneumatics trampa

Lower gear ratio,. 40mph board 16/36 not such a hill climber eh?

Stuff with lots of power basically anything with lots power is fun! The more the better

I’d feel a lot safer on a trampa/mountain-style board, but a lot more conspicuous.

I’ve seen one other esk8-er in WGTN.

So much this

15/36 here… I can climb all the grades

My 200lb buddy with the twin build(pshaw) can climb all the hills too so it’s not just my 130lb self lol…


Like other have said things that are over build tend to be more reliable when using them no where near their capacity. I’ve hit 44mph top speed but only to test out top speed I rarely ride over 30mph because it requires more concentration and you really start to feel the speed after 30. I happily ride 20-25mph feeling very in control I do slow down when getting into congested places but riding at 14mph on wide open road is not fun for me I’d rather push lol.


16/36t on 12s dual 6374 make plenty of torque I’m a heavy guy and if I’m not locked in I’ll fly off my board if I full throttle it.


I have noticed that 30kmh is my sweet spot. My board goes +40kmh but hardly never go that fast. Sometimes i try that but only at perfect road and i always have ”brave myself” when i go faster than i enjoy.

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You Guys are like the big dudes in the gym that make me look weak :joy:

@Battosaii @Deckoz


When it gets a bit colder and I can wear more gear (pants, jacket) then I might see what the board can do.

note: my board is a 31" deck (with kicktail) so maybe a much longer board would give more much more confidence.


I go at speeds not fast enough for me to die when the receiver gives up on me. :wink:

For me, if you’re using your board for commuting, time is a big factor. Why would i limit myself to 22km/h if i can go 25 by going with my bike? My topspeed is 45km/h, so i can get to school in 12 minutes instead of 20. The biggest part of my commute is along this railway, its spanking new pavement and for bikes only. I litterally fly over it, soooo fun. I do understand where you are coming from. In busy traffic i try to keep my speeds slow so i have enough time to come to a stand still. Last but not least, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!!!


I am not as limited to speed as luckily I’m a fast runner. I’ve had a few falls on my board up near 35-40km/h and have been able to run out of the fall in about 4 steps.

My board that’s currently under construction is capable of 55km/h but I will almost never use that speed. The only reason I want it to go that fast is so that I can still maintain a decent speed near the end of my battery life. What happens on past boards is they peak about 40 at full charge and then near the end of the charge they drop to below 30km/h and it feels really sluggish.

Oh and also so I sound crazy when people ask me how fast it goes :laughing:


I’m always surprised at the range of speeds of people here. Have to keep it in mind in all the gear discussions. A 20mph board needs different things than a 30mph or 40mph. Tight trucks suddenly have a lot of mobility at speed, and carving is not as much of a priority, at least to me. It’d be fearsome to have a remote dropout while leaning into a turn at 30mph.

For me, 30mph lets me blend with traffic, which feels way safer than blending with bikes and pedestrians.

I would like 35mph capability, which I think would let me keep up with the synchronized traffic lights, and give me a bit of headroom.

Of course the brakes have to match.

100w Marshall stacks suck at bedroom volumes :slight_smile:


So I have a total of about 4 hours riding time on my new board, and Im not an experienced skater in any sense. My board is currently capable of around 25km/h, which feels perfect in a commuting sense.

However when cruising for fun on weekends, it does feel slow - so Im swapping out my motor for something that should get me closer to 35-40km/h. I think it all depends on what kind of riding you do… 25km/h feels plenty fast when going down a residential area footpath, not so much when cruising down a dedicated wide bike path or road.