Speed Records, any interest?

I’m really excited to have found this forum. I’ve done a little poking around and I’m impressd with the lack of negativity. Good work admins! Also some great info as well. Besides just being a blast to ride, my intrest in E-longboards centers around speed. I think they deserve a place in the Guinness book. Are there any other menbers here currently interested in speed!

Thanks for letting me be part of this group!


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I am, but i’d definitely want to have some better protective gear first. Just pads, gloves, and a half shell aren’t going to cut it for that kind of thing. I’d want some leathers and a full face helmet.

Fastest I’ve done was 31mph. That was scary, but there are people on this forum who have taken it over 40. I think the fastest electric skateboard did something like 55mph if i recall correctly. There are some videos on youtube about it.

Some of the boards on this forum are capable of just ridiculous speeds.

I hear ya, Ive gone about 35 and that was about all I would do on my current Board. I would like to beat the gravity powered record that is somewhere in the 80mph range. Fortunately I have all my old protective gear from my motorcycle racing days. I would be quite an investment otherwise. I think getting much over 50 will take some creative board designs to remain stable.

80 mph is so fast on a skateboard. I think the wind would just blow me right off haha. I did wreck my bike doing 80 in a corner and came out with just a bruised shoulder, so helmet, full leathers , kevlar gloves and some racing boots would be awesome.

i flew into the dirt once doing about 25. I’m lucky i didn’t break anything. But when i broke my arm it was because i was going too slow and snagged on a crack. lol

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damn lhb. that really sucks. figures though right?

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My first eboard was geared to about 25 mph- I went out and rode it the very first day only to fall after getting the death wobble… lol, my knees are still scared over a year later.

I was just overconfident after riding normal board for so long, and living in florida with no hills, I hadn’t ever gone anywhere near that speed. Now, with my current board I’m going 28mph with it limited to 80% power… and that feels super slow- Haha I guess I just got used to it and need to go faster!

That said, I think I’d kill myself though before hitting anywhere near 50… that’s just insane to me. Maybe @longhairedboy will make a speed dedicated deck with his fancy new press :wink: :smile:

These guys hit 59 mph( ~100kph) recently

nice board also

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its already red, so it probably just needs a spoiler. Much like the color red, a spoiler can add another 20% performance boost.

So if i can make a red spoiler, i can add an additional 40% more power to this deck.


@CSN Whoah! flipping through their photos, here are some specs: hub motors made with brushless DC outrunners 4035 180KV made by “Scorpion”, Tatuu batteries 6S 9000 mah 25c (not sure how many, one per wheel in a 4x4 config), quantum controller (ya the cheap one we’ve been discussing over here , I can’t see what speed controller they’re using.

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hahha lhb… don’t forget the decorative muffler and body kit.

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ouch crashing at 60 must really hurt. if you follow the link on their facebook page it has a preview of their record video in the end he eats it.

that board did that on hub motors too apparently.

Damm at 60+ mph you’ll only catch me in full leathers lying flat on my board with slide gloves and pucks on my knees & toes.

That, and it’ already shaped like a coffin :wink:

Only jokin’ dude.

the next gen board looks promising. With 4 wheel drive and hub motors, it won’t be cheap though. My next build has already laid me back $900 and Its only a 2 wheel drive. another 2 and were looking at $1500 easily, So i bet that board will market for at least $3000.

Ever heard of the lead brick called gnar board?

This weekend i was talking to a friend who was encouraging me to try and organize an event in the Orlando, FL area. Sort of a time trials type event, maybe even racing (drag, head to head on a course, etc). I know you clowns would be interested so i’m going to start asking all of the questions of the locals in order to find a venue, permits, laws, insurances, and all of that bullshit business stuff i hate so i can see some peeps bring their S classed boards down here to the sunshine state and tear up some 'crete.


I have. They seem decent. I like NGV’s approach better though.

BTW, I asked them which speed controller they are using, and they said the Flycolor 100A 12S with custom firmware.

hello i’m not interested in any records but i’ll like to max my vanguard set up, already hit almost 46 mph

i order better bushings and will try to hit the 50 mph mark, the only negative thing is that speeds above 40 mph in a urban environment are not recommended for more than 30 sec ( at 50 mph 30s is 0.416 m or 0.667 km)