Speedboard/casterboard with remote steering

Hi guys,

I’m going to build a speedboard, but I will need some help. It’ll have to be in a diy kit as I am familiar with wiring, but I cant weld. Also I want to increase the steering angle compared to the original speedboard (see google pictures).

Is it possible to turn a remote car into a speedboard and use the steering of that car to make tighter turns? Are there any tutorials and/or kits to do this?

Thanks for helping me out in advance.

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so you want adjustable steering angles, electronically? or something else?

No, not an adjustable steering angle, a way to corner more towards the 90° as if you were riding a scooter. That’s why I want electronic steering in a speedboard. Notjust by leaning.

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I am confused how that could possibly work. You want an extra joint basically, or like a motor on the existing joint which is dangerous on top of not being a straightforward idea.

Why not just put bindings and hop to turn?

image Maybe it is easier to understand if I show you this. The black lines is the original Speedboard, the red lines is what I’d like to improve. I want to electrically pull the front wheel almost into a 90° angle just like if you would pull the handlebar of a scooter to make a turn. I hope this makes it easier to understand.

you have explained no possible safe way for this to work but my guess would be below a set speed you could give that steering input via hand remote and somehow try to not lose your balance. The motor would need to be very low torque and have some kind of slip maybe in order to keep feedback from the rider’s balance but just bias to a tighter turn than normal.

idk funky idea i will give you that but it seems like running 10 blocks in a circle instead of going with straightforward handlebars.

I see what you mean, but wouldn’t the same thing happen if you were turning the steer to harsh at a to high speed if you’d both steer and lean on an e-scooter?

And one of the reasons I mentioned it is because many riders and builders can help eachother both technically and safety wise. If I didn’t think of a safety issue, I know there will be more experienced riders/builders out there who can tell me that.

but that is only affected by your true inputs, physically. If you think you could ride a bike with a motor hooked up for steering I would love to see.

again we are talking very low speeds where this would activate, and I think it is possible just very unsafe if gone wrong.

perhaps it is not highly variable and only snaps from center to a certain amount of extra steering left or right. This would make it more predictable. you mentioned 90deg but that would not work without fwd.

So, should we search for a way to mimic that subtle steering motion on the remote. I mean, if you take a remote for a remote controlled car, you sometimes see a wheel on the side. Should I search for a way to control the amount of steering with something like that? As you can make very subtle steering motions on an actual wheel?

Only not sure if a 1 hand control thing exists for that.

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yes this is what I have been talking about the last two posts. I think you should DIY a speedboard then try to add this.

just have the normal caster steering then the entire board wiggles like a worm/bendystraw from the remote motorized steering input

I will build the original speedboard first. The reason I’m concerned about the steering is because it should be included into the remote. I could just buy the original remote that comes with the kit and replace it for another later on that has a steering button/leaver/knob on it. But I could also buy the remote I need that is already prepared to have some kind of steering button on it together with the kit so I don’t have 2 remotes of which 1 I might never use.

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yeah work on the mechanics then the remote you want will find you.

Don’t worry about the remote :slight_smile: