Speedy electric sk8 Dancing Board for high school physics

Hi Boarders, Recently I was caught at school (I’m a high school physics teacher) contemplating building an electric longboard for a dancing commuter to work by the students. Anyway it snowballed into a full on approved activity with a few other staff members wanting to build board as well. (this year we will run sessions on building a board, next year we may allow students to build, we need to work out any kinks). I have a plan and would love to get some feedback. Here is the plan

Purpose - Like to dance my way to work, but also need speed as I’m always running late. Will be using the build in High school physics (age 16-18 ) to introduce basic electric circuits, battery technologies, power calculations and motor winding.

  • Board: Loaded Tarab (yes I know it is flexy but will engineer a solution) - its a sexy dancer

  • Motors\truck - Possibly Hummies new Dual hub beasts (I’ve PM’d him about it)

  • ESC - Dual VESC

  • Battery - will recycle some 18650’s with the class for fun - will probably end up replacing them with Sammy 30Q’s at 10S4P maybe 10s3P

  • BMS - Maybe one of those Bestech ones but I’m a model airplane flyer so I have a good high current balance charger that will do the job without BMS (Would like some running cell monitoring though)

There are a few challenges, I have looked a stiff boards but like the flexy ride and was thinking of putting batter packs near each truck, there is also a good mountain board solution on the forum I have seen to deal with board flex as well - some things to ponder over.

Anyway anyone with suggestions or comments on the gear above I’d love to hear them. I’ll post more info as the project takes shape and then will document with photos. I’ll also be happy to post power point slides on any theory that I create if anyone is interested.




Samsung 30Q’s? :joy: Esk8’s are not joke, I would be really careful presenting it in class. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good luck though :kissing_heart:


no he knew what he meant :stuck_out_tongue: its just an endearing term


Use real longboard wheels and not hub motors :wink:

No charger will balance your battery pack unless you have some kind of independent individual pack charging capability,

def. go with Focbox or any HW6 Vesc (V6 or Escape/Bbox).

Separated enclosures (boosted like) from @eboosted should work, but maybe you’ll need some risers on the tarab. Lastly I would pick the stiffer tarab, too soft is not stable at higher speeds.

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Hobby charger… For lipos… can be used on liion :wink:


Use a BMS, you won’t be sorry. Taking your skateboard apart to charge it is far, far less than ideal


I thought from reading 30Q’s were good?

That makes sense, I’ll source a beseech bms. Thanks for the time saver.

They are. :grinning:

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Thanks Bevliacqua, I was thinking Flex 1 as with the weight of rider and batteries would be using 85+kg. Less flex would help on battery placement too.

If I ever did use a hobby charger I’d make proper ports with balance wires and such to charge externally. But generally I’d agree the BMS is simpler. Mostly because its less. Wires to plug in, not so much taking the board apart.

BMS + charger, plug in wait for magical green light

Hobby charger, plug in main lead, plug in balance, push buttons, hold buttons, hope you selected the right thing every time.

The general idea is that, if you don’t know what cells to use for an electric skateboard, use Samsung 30Q from ru.nkon.nl

Even if you do research the specific cells for your particular purpose, it’s an 80% chance the 30Q will the ones you will need anyway, possibly Samsung 35E or Panasonic PF or a few others but those two in particular are only good for super-long-range builds.


Using a hobby charger all but guarantees you won’t be able to make it waterproof.

Hey Deckoz, I have a multichem balancing battery charger just need to check if it can handle 10 to 12 cells. Thanks

P.S I have some home brew kick ass speakers (still waiting for final embellishments) as well.

Thanks b264, I have done a bit of research and came to the same conclusion on the 30q’s as well. Also here in OZ http://ru.nkon.nl/ from Europe still seems the cheapest place to buy cells.

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Yes ZackoryCramer I agree, I have done some preliminary assessment and decided that students will only help build the board in the first run of the program, not build there own. As a former electronics eng I am am fully aware of electronics and battery risks, that coupled with teenagers wanting to ride the thing will be a challenge.

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If you’re trying to make the lightest board (per mile of range), regardless of cost or size or cycle count, then LG MJ1 have your back.

If you’re trying to make the smallest possible board, I might just go for lithium polymer, though that has its own set of drawbacks, safety being a huge one.

If you’re trying to make the most reliable (especially in cold weather) and longest-lasting (in cycle counts) then LiFePO4 is a better choice, but it will be real heavy and large compared to lithium-ion.

Samsung 30Q is best most of the time. Just use 30Q.

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Good luck holding back the temptation of your students. :kissing_heart: