Spin motor shaft 1mm. Is it normal?

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So as I am currently rebuilding my board, I noticed that I could spin my motor shaft about 1mm while locking the can in place.

I’ve also noticed, that after I have spun my motor with my hand and it comes to a stop, it moves about 1mm the opposite direction.

So my question is; Is all of this normal?

Any help will me much appreciated.

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the set screw holding the stator to the shaft is loose. Pretty common issue with TB motors


some have suggested super glue on that particular grub instead of thread locker. It seems like it would do the trick and do it well, just don’t crank down too hard with that tiny hex wrench or you’ll strip the wrench, or maybe the grub. Then you’re fucked if it comes loose again some how.

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Green loctite or hobbyking equivalent. You may need heat or a little puller to get it off again, which is good

Here’s a good snippet

Hobbyking FTW, they sell equivalents of all those ^ you get a much much bigger bottle and it’s cheaper

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I’d replace the setscrew(s) with a known high-strength (grade 12.9) one, and use a good quality (Wera hex-plus) allen wrench to tighten it.


This happened to me. I just removed the grub screws, pretty sure they are M4, and replaced them with a couple m410 or m415 (cant remember) socket cap screws so I could use a larger allen key to get more torque to lock it down realllyyy good, and threadlocked. The socket cap screws ALLLMOST dont fit, the head of the screw rubs up on the motor a bit when it first goes in but nothing crazy. Might work for your motors as well if you want something a little bit beefier than some grub screws to hold your shaft in place.


Very good suggestion. That in combination with some red threadlocker should do the trick quite well.

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@maxchilton @longhairedboy @banjaxxed @MysticalDork @skatardude10

Thanks for all of the suggestions and help! I really appreciate it!

I ended up unscrewing the bolts that hold the shaft in place, put some loctite 648 down in the hole, turned the motor a couple of times, loctite 648 on the screws and screwing them back in without over-tightening them.

It doesn’t move anymore so seems to have fixed the problem :+1:

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