Spiral Bevel Gears Gearbox

I would like to see how this comes out. In my case it would interesting to see how this could be used with MBS matrix II trucks.

I think I need to do more improvements. More pictures and videos.

He didn’t call them “caliper” hqdefault


Any updates on this? And 220 for one or a pair?

I made some changes and I will post updates on the weekends. 200~220USD for one

I made some updates. I changed the gearbox.


IMG_5569 Got some progress on the Mounts IMG_5570






Video I will update later


That looks great! Good job!

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Looks tight! :sunglasses:

What sort of ratio are you running?

Thanks for your compliment!

The wheel is 40T module 1.5 The motor is 20T The ratio is 2:1


Do you think you can fit 15:45 bro?

looks great…

how´s the drag/resistance when coasting/free wheeling?

Didn’t know I could write kn chinese :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can try 15:45 but the gearbox will get bigger

I think there is still some resistance. Do not know whether the V-Ring causes resistance. I will add a video later.

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These are very interesting, but I’m not sure what the advantage is over the existing drivetrains. If you can build a gearbox that drives both wheels with one motor, you would have a TON of demand.

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Looks nice and compact…

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Could see a few advantages.

  1. If the gear is stronger than a belt you don’t have to worry about the belt breaking (now would be worries about gear teeth but depending on materials/lubrication/alignment this might not be an issue).
  2. Fully enclosed drivetrain means no chance for getting rocks into the belt, you could argue a covered belt drive would also have this advantage but I don’t see many of those.
  3. No belt tensioning issues this would likely be a rigid system

That said I would like to hear the OP in terms of reasons behind the design or what they see as the major advantages or any disadvantages compared with a more traditional belt driven drive train.


You can also fit dual 6374 or 6380 on Calibers with this drive system!


The advantages of the gearbox are like what @wafflejock said, no need to worry about the belt. But the advantages of traditional belt drive systems are more. It is cheaper and lighter than gearboxes. Because I just want to install the dual 6374 motor on Calibers, so I designed this gearbox. Although I can solve this problem by just replacing the Calibers, I think there are more ways to install the motor for everyone to choose. I hope that gearbox can create more cool skateboards through your creativity.

Sorry, I use google to translate my English is very poor :cry::cry: Morris


I disagree. Safety first. Debris gets stuck in belts and can lock the wheels. I’d prefer not to street my face. Belts are fine, but gears are safer. In more ways than I just described, just one example.


Definitely gonna need closed can motors for this, but the design is looking good.

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